History of Exodar through WOD- help update through legion and BFA

HISTORY OF EXODAR !! TBC: Server opened on January 16, 2007. The main Horde raiding guilds were Highborne and Innate, and there was a fierce rivalry between the two to server first Black Temple and Sunwell. Innate won the race. In the beginning on Alliance, Nulli Seccundis was the most progressed guild. After Nulli fell apart, other guilds moved in, and most progressed Ally raiding guilds were Oath and Ordo Domas during the time of BT and SW. As Exodar was a new server, the Gates of AQ were not yet opened. Before anyone on Exodar could obtain the rep, a human pally by the name of Alexio transferred and opened the gates, obtaining the title and the mount. He was generally regarded as a ninja by most of the population of Exodar, and pretty much hated by the entire server. He eventually joined Oath, one of the top Alliance raiding guilds, and embraced his notoriety. Highborne and Bloodline merged into one guild during Kara raiding days and due to Yajin’s micromanaging skills became very successful. Tiis was a beloved trade troll who started a Horde Scientology guild. Banaritaz obtained a rep as resident server flirt. Bum, Moop, and Mago were popular trade and forum trolls. PVP was dominated by the guild Still Not Recruiting;, with many members reaching gladiator. Jump Rope Ninjas was a very popular guild because of its hilarious members. The Lords of the Left Hand, Raiders Reborn, Awesome Forces, Dauntless, Mostly Harmless, Horde Recon and Shenanigans were also popular guilds. Tempt began recording her Exodar podcasts, and Exodar began all-female battleground runs. World pvp was in full force, as the Alliance struck first in their kill of Thrall. But the Horde struck back by summoning 3 raid groups into the cathedral basement, and sacked Stormwind. To top it off, the raid was recorded and the video placed on youtube. Antrus has the most badass blacksmithing business all the way through Cata.
WRATH: Innate broke up weeks after the launch of WOTLK, and several of its members transferred to another server. Shortly after this, Fatal was born. Legit was born. The raiding scene was dominated during this time by the Horde guild The Crazy 88, with the Alliance guilds Fourth Meal, Oath and Ordo Domus close behind. The Wrath era was marked by forum trade trolls such as Larcenny, Mortus, who was the GM of the Cult of Ythrl and the arrival of Sacblood to Horde Exodar. Cruxis was Exodar’s PVP guild. Mysterymask, Blackfiga and Thieve were other notable trade trolls. The Molten Core Swim Team, Motion, No Ma’am, and Infinity were also wrath guilds. Caveat started off as Alliance, but faction changed to Horde as the #1 10-man raid guild. Discipline was a guild formed in TB whose guild leader Consecrator had a mental breakdown leading to the guild’s dissolution. The Gorgonites, a raiding guild, was formed. Dranix’s girlfriend cheated on him with a night elf!
CATACLYSM: The Crazy 88 continued to dominate the Horde raiding scene. Key moments in Horde drama were linked to Ducelet, a Horde Pally who claimed to be female, and sounded like a female. Vix uncovered her facebook page, which stated she was definitely not female, and once exposed, she/he left the server. Horde was blessed with the arrival of Cious, who constantly flashed his Heroic Madness achiev in trade. Highborne became a PVP guild, and obtained “Hero of the Horde”. The guild Vile and their leader Khumquat became the server joke after they awarded a resto druid BIS offhand to a mage during a PUG, and subsequently left the server. Dobb quit WOW.
PANDARIA: Exodar and Medivh servers merged. The Crazy 88 became a 10 man raiding guild, and subsequently died, as did many other guilds. Been There Downed That led the raiding scene up until the TOT, then fell apart. The most progressed 10 man raiding guild on the server was DI The Hunter. The only 25-man raiding guild on the server is Alliance’s Archon. Tubeamp died (No, not really). Mothan keeps the memory of Tiis alive in trade. The Gorgonites (made up of the old guild Disciples of Gabriel and the illustrious Vikingorc) snagged server first heroic 10 man Garrosh kill. Also, RIP JB. <mom im a wizard> was a Horde PVP guild. Behemot, the cow kang, began a long struggle for server dominance with Rourk, the turtle king.
WOD- Although the server is low population, life remains! The Alliance is dominating raiding with Gravity, Disturbia, Distinct Advantage, Archon, and Exiles are taking the top spots while Horde is led by Contingency, Chosen, and Voltage. Reddrake continues to give out demerits in Horde trade chat. Halo on Alliance went to Whisperwind server.
Legion: Yazjin brought back Highborne but sadly, it didn’t last.

I think the BFA section is perfect as is.

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Very true. Hope it doesn’t stay that way.

For Legion: A horde guild transfered to the server *name slips my mind in hopes of easy server firsts - Gravity beats them on Guldan by about 10 minutes or so, Horde guild transfers back off the next day.

BFA: Due to the slow but gradual decrease in population, Gravity can no longer stay on the server and moves in hopes of greener pastures.

I remember something about that Horde guild! Can’t remember who it was either. Sorry to hear you guys are leaving! You’ve been here for quite some time!

While im sorta staying, sorta not saying - most of the others have transferred already, I personally have already stopped playing WoW a while ago and my account expired last night.

Hahaha, too bad I left Disciples of Gabriel after WotLK. I could’ve gotten in on that server first Heroic kill. Does anyone know where Vikingorc went afterwards?