(H)(Illidan)(Sellouts)EST LFM 10/10M

disc, shadow, rsham

With the release of launch date we will shift recruiting strictly for SL

Recruiting for SL

Priority recruiting, priest/mage/warrior/hunter/shaman

Pre patch and launch soon, time is running out

Are you recruiting a rogue? Here’s my forum post, add me if interested in talking! Btag: Sacredtenshi#11826 Thank you for your time, and consideration. Rogue CE Player LF CE Guild for SL

Its not likely i will respond to posts here. please add me via discord or use the link for our app, thanks

shadow lands lets get it

Still potential spots as we move into prepatch

any bumpers in the chat?

bump all the way

does pineapple belong on pizza?

Waiter walks up with a well done steak, what is your response?

There is definitely a right and wrong answer here.

I feel like people here are not steak fans.

First day of fall y’all

I got nothing, just take a look

Might be a fun time

still no pre patch

generic bump post