[H][Illidan] 223 Guardian Druid LF Guild

223 Guardian Druid and 222 Blood/UH DK here. Currently 9/10H. Guild I currently tank for is a highschool friends very casual guild that is stuck on Heroic Sire. Honestly most of the members of the guild only log in for raid and dont do anything for better gear or to improve their play. Im not necessarily looking for the most serious guild in existence but something in the middle would be nice where there are some set of standards. I prefer Evenings or late night EST. Just looking for something with more structure, fun atmosphere, and like minded people who want to kill bosses. Want to get into mythic raiding before 9.1 comes out as well. Also started mostly doing M+ and am almost 1600io and always down for keys. Besides my druid and dk, I also have a monk and rogue around 200ilvl ive been gearing up. I can tank or dps depending on your needs. If you want to get a hold of me just shoot me a message on discord.

Hello there!

Wondering if you’d be interested in a really late night guild, we are looking for people:

<How Long On Brez> is a guild born in the Battle for Azeroth, we strive for AotC each raid tier and head into Mythic when we feel ready. Currently interested in adding new members for Shadowlands. The guild does not stop at raiding and we are always running Mythic+. The community is what is most important to us!

Realm: Mal’Ganis
Faction: Horde

Raid Progression:

Castle Nathria [10/10 H] , [4/10 M]
Ny’alotha [12/12 H], [9/12 M]
Eternal Palace [8/8 H], [3/8 M]
Crucible of Storms [2/2 H]
Battle of Dazar’alor [9/9 H], [3/9 M]
Raid Times:

Friday & Saturday 11:00PM-1:30 AM PST
BattleTag Contacts:

Bnet: kvncnh#1922 [ Discord preferred: kvncnh#9847 ]
Bnet: nebu46#1564 [Discord: nebu46#7564]

We are looking to add some of the following specializations to our roster but all roles or specializations are considered:

Tanks (1 spot)

Healers (1 healer)

Melee DPS (1 slot!)

Ranged DPS (2 spots):
could use a hunter or two!

Please reach out to us with any questions - we’d all love to hear from you!
Exceptional people can always apply!
All exceptional people feel free to app / talk with me!

Hey Poonsniffer! I sent a discord request and I’d love to chat with you! Talk soon!

Hey there! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!