High ping only in Arena? Please help

Hey guys, in the last few days, every single time I enter an arena match (solo shuffle) my ping just spikes to ~400 then gradually climbs to 1000+ as the rounds progress. There is like a 3-5 second delay on my abilities and it’s starting to drive me crazy.

Apparently Gladius can cause high ping in arenas sometimes, so I deleted Gladius and all of its folders, and started using SArena, which did not resolve the issue. Have done multiple speed/ping tests and the results look normal, no issues. Everything is fine outside of Arena in the open world.

Has anyone had a similar experience in the past? How did you fix it?

Greatly appreciate any help <3

Things that might be causing (not guaranteed since I don’t know the particulars of your situation)

– Your ISP equipment (old and/or busted modem/router), try resetting, or considering new equipment.

– Your addons, make sure they are updated and/or try disabling outdated ones to see if that helps.

– Your drivers, especially your graphics card driver. Make sure your drivers are updated.

– Your in game settings. Lower them, especially the ones that aren’t really useful in an arena setting.

I did have an issue that sounded like yours, and I don’t know specifically which thing fixed it, but I did do a combination of the latter three things I mentioned above, and it worked out for me.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Sounds like a skill issue imo

Thank you Bourbons, appreciate you taking the time to help. Will give those steps a go. :slight_smile:

My guess since you’re OCE, you’re probably getting put into NA lobbies and depending on your ISP your net might hate that and make it worse than normal

I just got out of a tich match loaded with nothing but tich players and i had 300 ms the whole damn match

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If youre with Telstra get a VPN, their routing is cooked idk why, im 300ms raw, but with a VPN go down to 160.

My ping has always been fine, have been with the same ISP for years. steady 10ms in Oceanic games, and about 180 in NA games which is more than playable. It’s only started happening in the last few days for some reason.