High lvl toon / low lvl questing / loremaster

I am taking my 120 horde through old content farming all of the original loremaster achievs (I had already done this on alliance years ago). The problem I am running into are the quests where completion requires beating down a mob w/o killing them. Even wearing nothing, if I breathe on a mob it dies. I cannot be the only one doing this type of retroactive farming. I think Blizz should impliment a path to be able to complete these low level quests solo. My favorite idea so far would be a toy one could use that would nerf there i-lvl to the zone they are in only as long as it is active (activate / deactivate as needed). Other ideas would be make the mobs simply unkillable (they yield at 1 HP etc.) or maybe involving Chromie in some capacity. Regardless, this has been frustrating. I am running through NR and have many zones to go. Any thoughts?

hiya! the best bet (and this is what i use for low level questing) is to get this.

it will allow you to hit them and not kill them. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

HA I never would have thought of that, I will give it a try. Thank you for the tip, I appreciate it :slight_smile: