High Elves are here!

the golden eyes feel wrong anyway

back in my day we (I) ate fel crystals and were eternally marked by it

so the sunwell was reignited with Light but it was always an arcane well, so I don’t think the base composition of it would completely shift to the Light


As Pridesong said, teh sunwell isnt just holy magic. Its both Holy and Arcane now. And Blizzard has stated before in the past that over th next few fenerations, blood elves will start to be born with gold or blue eyes again due to the new sunwell

Warlock Blood Elves with Golden Eyes make you question things.

I don’t disagree, but it’s not really a story explored. For all we know the Arcanic energy is so minimal compared to the Light that all Blood Elves should be sporting Golden Eyes if they live in close vicinity of the well.

Tbh, it’s just another example of the races not getting a story they deserve :woman_shrugging:

The draenei prophet Velen purified the Sunwell with the Light-infused heart of a fallen naaru, transforming the fount into a source of both holy and arcane energies.

-Races of World of Warcraft - Blood Elf : official site


Interesting that it doesn’t mention the VOID energies that are confirmed in the well as well.

Just saying, the Sunwell is a mix of energies and seems unstable.

For all we know, Blood Elves and High Elves that go to commune will start getting Black Eyes.

thanks, i was looking for this and starting to wonder if i’d just made it up

So happy for my high elf friends!

I’ll have to dig but Blizz mentioned that with their connection to the sunwell restored, that in the future, baby belfs would start being born with more gold ro blue eyes

I think maybe it was a loreology twitter post

at long last

although cause of void elf hair styles our elves are gonna look a lot more… damp than lor’themars

opinions vary on whether thats a good thing

Someone find Soljeron.

It’s time for a celebration

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I don’t even go this school anymore and I’m excited. Hopefully this means people will get less toxic about the whole High Elf situation, and if they don’t

At least my friends got what they wanted.


I mean this wont get me to resub but it makes me happy because this is something a lot of people have wanted for a long time.

I may be a resident grump but it’s usually in service to wishing this game were better.

Permanently Oiled Elves, we’re gonna have to keep them in that Adults Only section of the Slaughtered Lamb, provided someone can catch them. So slippery!

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Listen what they do with bathing suits and a pool of baby oil is their own business.

This is the best solution because it gives people what they asked for but the net amount of elves remains the same so I don’t have to look at any more of them.


We can celebrate by drinking mead out of dwarven skulls.


I’m glad for them, they’ve been asking for this kinda thing for a long time, good addition without botching alot of stuff


Wait…is that legit or just tongue in cheek? Because if true…holy crap.

No no completely tongue in cheek. Sorry for the confusion.

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Dark skinned belves, High Elves on both sides

Y’all are eating good, huh?

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