High Elves and Blood Elf Druids

The Warcraft II manual only mentions Elven Druids once in relation to building the Runestone at Caer Darrow, and that was retconned to be created by Elven Magi. (Source: Warcraft Chronicles Volume 1, page 121)

As much as I hate retcons, it would appear any High Elven Druids have been wiped away and did not exist in our timeline.


I’m ok if void elves can be druids and BE can’t. VE needs a class flavor, also shammans to show HE (the non silvermoon ones) are allies with wildhammers.

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Oh I wasn’t saying they shouldn’t, I just thought there was some lore reason we didn’t have them

Night Elf
Kul Tiran



Horde have more druids than the Alliance does.

I hoped it would be balanced out with Mechagnome druids, but alas, Blizzard has not given into reason.


ask for VE druids, since druids is supposed to be a HE thing according to this thread :wink:

I’m just gonna drop this here…


It would be funny if that forum mod made it’s avatar a troll lol.

Belf druids and Void Elf paladins? Deal.

We have an elf on the inside. Perfect! Hehehe…

rubs hands together villainously


you want VE paladins so you can see explosions in telegros don’t you? light and void don’t mix good.

They don’t mix, unless they are a DK, apparently. Not sure why scientists came together and figured out how to do it, but they did.

Oh goodie! I always love having a reason to link my in game footage of a Void Elf Paladin!


I guess since DK’s are from the death magic pool but not the void magic pool? :man_shrugging:

Self implosions help build character. They’ll be fine.

I feel you need a hug! Come hug my space lantern goat man self! :hugs:

Embrace the explosion to come!

I think that’d be a good trade too, but only if it’s a voidadin and all the pally moves get new voidy visuals. The mythic Nyalotha set is begging for this to happen :smiling_imp:

I would love for a Thalassian Elf to be a Druid! Blood Elves, since we’re throwing in High Elf options, come Shadowlands, should be that race. Balance it out by giving Paladins to Night Elves.

I present you with a previous post here

As you can see, giving BE druids would further put off the “balance” you request.

Also we don’t have VE paladins cause they all exploded.

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Well…Could always make Bronzebeard Dwarves into Druids, since we’re throwing in Wildhammer Dwarves, and I’m sure they had some that were Druids. I would get rid of Warlocks, because that’s a Dark Iron Dwarf thing. Remove Paladins from Dark Iron Dwarves too. Then, make a Draenei into a Druid, or a Void Elf. Oh, imagine the looks of the Void Elf “Druids”!

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Except just bc Blood Elfs are getting blue eye options doesn’t mean they’re “High Elves” now, it just means the source of their magic is different as Ion said. They are getting glowing blue/teal eyes which implies they are just Blood Elfs who use arcane magic/the green glow has faded. They are Blood Elfs regardless of if they have green, yellow, or blue eyes.

I don’t know why people don’t understand that eye color =/= High Elfs, political allignment does.

That being said, I’m down for Belf Druids, as long as Nelfs get Paladins.

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