High Elf POSITIVITY Thread 😎

I’m sorry you’re unhappy about the options Void Elves got (and probably will get once allied races get their customization pass).

I don’t agree with you that any hairstyle that Void Elves currently have is an option that should have gone to Blood Elves. The only hairstyles Void Elves currently have were made for Void Elves.

I do think Blood Elves need more options but that doesn’t have much to do with whatever options Void Elves currently have or get as long as they aren’t copy/pastes from Blood Elves.

Void Elves getting options from other Alliance races has nothing to do with Blood Elves. :man_shrugging:

I’ll leave you with this though… if you’re expecting Blizzard are going to somehow take options away from Void Elves in the future, or never give them any new options going forward, you’re probably in for a bad time.


Yes not being subbed to WoW in a time when we have too many great games to play, such a bad time LOL. If you think that unprecedented events will never occur, you’re the one who is in for an actually bad time.

No, I’m in for the same time more or less. Only actually a better time because I won’t be forcing myself to play a game that makes changes I don’t agree with.

All you soy elves LOL. Literally lore proves that you’re inferior to the others if you have fair skin and lack tentacles as a void elf. Not enough power to handle the void. True soy elf.

They aren’t going to take away customizations that they made a big deal over advertising and have already implemented.

It’s pretty much here to stay.


I never saw any advertisement for it.

Not sure where you got the idea that they’re weaker? Lol

Guess if you don’t have an actual response to my first bit you must have found no issue with it.

Honestly it sounds like a break from wow is a good idea for you.

If this is breaking the game for you then by all means take a year or two. Games shouldn’t cause you this much stress.

So you didn’t see this announcement?


Or this?

Or this?


This is how I got the idea. Straight from you. Correct me if I am wrong, but the void is something you take advantage of, so you would want to consume as powerful of a void entity as you are capable of no? So if you are consuming a weaker void entity, you are weaker. I personally wouldn’t want a soy elf in my raid groups from an RP perspective. I would want void elves with strong void characteristics.

I’m not the one who made the lore this way.

a forum post is not an advertisement. Let alone “making a big deal over advertising”

edit: No, I literally saw NO advertisements about it. Isn’t blizzardwatch just another blue post thing too? So you’re referring to another forum post. Show me an advertisement that was visible to the public. I did not see any ads for it. Even if it were advertised though, they never “made a big deal” over advertising it.

Ask for the styles you want for the races you like.

I need braided styles for my belves, and more braids for my nelves. I also need tattoos for both, that would be grand.


Ahahaha yeah no they aren’t they aren’t going to take away customization options from the players. Especially when the options have been met with almost unanimous praise.

They are here to stay. Deal with it.


It’s more a matter of simply acquiring void Essence.

Locus-Walker suggests on Argus that many void entities would work but that the Darkened Naruu is the closest and convenient.

In the rift I’d assume being so close to the void they’d be able to summon beings of sufficient power to complete the transformation.

I don’t see much likelihood of the power ranges for those beings to immensely vary since there is at least a minimum.

Again there would be a minimum.

Further Alleria is among the more powerful void elves and followed exactly this process. She’s not mutated at all.

So the mutations are likely random.

Also… Gameplay wise (your raid) wouldn’t see a difference. Lol



I wouldn’t really mind if Void Elves were just generally more voidy and less elvy. Spooky void powers UNITE :smiley:

Yes they were once high elves.

I could see where a ‘void elf warrior’ wouldn’t be 1000% full on tentacles voidy, but still. I kinda agree with void elves being distinguished from the high elf lineage with more lore, more development. Maybe because I’m a tad selfish and want a ton more space, void themed stuff, but …

Well, there it is jurasic park gif

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Read my last few posts.

I see the new options as added lore.

That said I’d love more void options!

I’d start with tentacle toggle since that helps both sides of the velf coin, but adding void tattoos, some voidier eyes… Tentacle fingers? Is that too weird…

So what you said wasn’t true. The reverse is most likely true? Less void corruption = more resilience to the void’s unintentional influences. Otherwise Alleria would be the most transformed no?

You’ll have to elaborate on the void essence part.

So the power levels of the void entities they are consuming do not vary, but the response of the individual does vary? What is the variable? It just seems like some void elves are weaker than others, it doesn’t matter if it’s the less transformed or the more transformed ones, but the fact that that distinction seems like it exists feels really offputting to me.

We could get a very subdued smokey effect, almost like void form, but very subdued. That mayyyy erk some priests, but that would be a start.

I also wouldn’t mind generally more alien options. Make us less elvy. Some of us could develop tendrills of void running up our circulatory system. Or we could have smaller ears then the other elves… we are less feral afteral. Give us a less radiant eye color… make them glow but subdue that glow to a feint barely visible spark like deep skeletal eye sockets with a feint purple glow inside. … Every once in awhile we could shift and blur and feint a little, not like physically move in game, just have our image kind of… phase a tiny bit out of sync with. Sorta like a little jitter, nothing that could be construed a pvp advantage or w/e…

I kinda felt like they made us a bit more curvey for sex appeal, I kindof wanted to look more wasted away, not withered, but more skeletal with my void elf. Then I realized I have a bubble butt and that felt meh. Sometimes blizz just isn’t very brave or are truly lazy (not bad when they use that free time to stay sane and work on other stuff), and giving a diverse range of skin tones, is good for diversity and people who irl favor those skin tones, but less gamey and more or less bland and doesn’t make us void elves. It just establishes that elves kinda come in all colors… I was hoping for a scarier, starker, edgier, more emo look as a void elf. Vs what we kinda finally ended up with, but I also knew that people really love the Night elf, Nightborne, Blood elf, High elf fantasy and I just ignore it.

They talked about it in videos(maybe go watch them). It was posted on various website. There was an article on wowhead about it.

They really did make a big deal about it.

What kind of advertisement where you expecting? Something on your local news at 6?

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Like an actual advertisement, not interviews on WoW conventions and fansites. They kinda advertised it yeah I guess, but they really did not make a big deal about it. Link me the front page youtube ad video they must have made. Surely they got a celebrity to show off their enthusiasm like they have so many other times they’ve made a big deal about advertising this game, right? Like I just didn’t see it. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I simply did not see it.

Then I have no idea what to tell you because that topic has thousands of replies and has been going for MONTHS as well as other topics and it’s had a lot of fanfare, especially on the forums.

How could you know so little about what’s going on with the game?

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This is a forum… not a big deal advertisement. I can see that you make a lot of posts on this forum and play the game a lot, but the world is WAAAAAAAAY bigger than just this.

Okay well sorry you aren’t more perceptive.

Dunno what to tell you dude lol.