High Elf Lovers Rejoice!

A compromise was made!


Yes all 3 outliers will be ecstatic.

Congrats High Elf fans! I’m happy to see this happening.


these new customizations make me hype for shadowlands. part of the reason i play mmos is to see people’s unique characters and the whole party aspect, now with all these new options there’s gonna be a ton of new visual variety, and it’ll keep me entertained just seeing how people make their characters their own


Wow Thats very cool
Cant wait to see orcs with human color skin too… and taurens with night elfs colors… Just take out all models and armor, make us red and Blue balls
This suck ! World of Warcraft sucks now


Should change your name from Manchael to Manchild with all the whining you’re doing over Alliance getting a customization option.


Ty for the tip furry boy

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And he says this on a TAUREN

It just keeps getting better. xd


As much as I wanted high elves, I am very dissatisfied by this. They’re just throwing us a bone when high elves deserve to be a COMPLETELY separate race


If anyone needs a lore explanation here’s a vid going into it and talking about this recent blizz post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWSL30YwB6E

tl’dr: if you go into the void elf starting area, you can see alliance high elves sent by Valleria porting in from Stormwind as new recruits, thus why we have high elf customizations now.

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High elves did not get added.

They got squished.

Sorry but i did not ask for Void elves, but I’m also done requesting helves.

To everyone that is happy with this, I’m glad you’re happy regardless.


it’s just what the high elves are doing, Valleria is a defacto leader, and she is getting them into accepting void powers and controlling them. Does this mean that every high elf in the alliance will be/is now a void elf for turning into recruits? Maybe.

Weren’t you just in another thread saying you hadn’t asked for HElves in the first place?

no? i was not asking for void elves


Ah, I see. I believe there was a misunderstanding between us at the time, then.

Carry on. :slight_smile:

This comes to mind…


Would be amazing if this was a blue trolling people. 10/10 Evil Genius

I can see lynxy being sad about it.
But secretly planning the demise of said joker.

That’d be a giant waste of space for something that should be left to the player