Hide items in-game dressing room

It would be great if I could hide an item I’m wearing while clicking to preview items in the dressing room. For example, I am wearing a shoulder, but would like to preview an outfit with a hidden shoulder. I like to look at items from the appearance pane or adventure guide loot tables without always being at the transmog vendor since they may be items I have yet to obtain. Maybe right clicking to disable or a toggle switch to select and deselect items from the appearance list would be a good place to do this?


I’d love something like this, just include a “hidden x” as part of the available transmog for each slot.

A workaround for whoever needs one:

  1. Go to a transmog NPC
  2. Hide everything that can be hidden
  3. Save it as an outfit

Now, when you have a transmog where you want to include hidden slots but don’t have access to the transmog NPC, just follow these steps:

  1. Save is as normal by removing from your character the slots that you want hidden
  2. Select the “hidden” outfit you saved in step 3
  3. Select the new outfit from step 4 and save it again

The hidden slots will replace the previously empty slots. You do have to sacrifice an outfit slot for this, though.


Thank you for that tip! I will play around with that, but it seems like it would do the trick :slight_smile:

Problem with that is if you put on the wrong piece or simple want to change it. You have to reset all the other pieces and start all over gain.

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I appreciate the suggestion. I did the first 3 steps and it worked well for my purposes. For instance, I enjoy trying on bracers or a chest I’m looking at on the AH, but my currently equipped gloves or shirt hides the item or ruins the effect. I’d also appreciate being able to hide items on the fly in the dressing room.

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