Hi, I am new here and I want to get more people on this server

Hello, I am just starting out on this server and come here fully aware that the community is dwindling. Some see this as an issue, I see it as an opportunity to build a fresh community.

I would love to see it a little more lively and so I have been thinking of making a super casual RP guild with a bit of a twist to it.

Imagine if you will if this server were filled with Mercantile Guilds;

A guild where all the members were Alchemists or Weapon and Armorsmiths.

This type of RP would be incredibly casual, could slowly build into multiple guilds and eventually, we would be holding Buy/Sell Markets.

We could have sister guilds on either faction.

So, what do you think? Would anyone be interested in this idea? Do you think it has legs as even just a fun thing for the currently existing community here to get in on?

I just love the fantasy of crafting and selling in RP games and would love to see the RP community focus on it a bit more.


I personally think this is a great idea. I especially love the mercantile angle. I think having RP guilds that are based around something that isn’t just in-game leveling would be great for people like me; people who want to find an RP community but can’t devote their lives to it. But I would love to have one of my RH characters go and be an alchemist, fisherman, or something and role play around that.

I’ve actually been thinking about this for like an hour now.

Profession based “raids” where we just go all over mulgor looking for herbs, or whatever zone looking for whatever thing. Fishing trips. Cooking expos. I think this could be so fun.

I’m mostly Alliance on this server, but I’d pay to transfer my tauren monk over for a guild like this.

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I discovered the Ravenholdt server by:

  1. Telling my brother that RP servers tend to be less “elitist” when it comes to raiding, which is a nice change of pace since both he and I are married with our own respective families now.
  2. He discovered that the Ravenholdt cluster of realms is currently ranked last place for WoW progress (which should be a sign of less pressure to play/perform).

I started a guild called “Explorers Guild” (which is another name for the Explorers’ League in WoW canon, and Explorers League was already taken by some inactive guild on the server) which aims to be precisely a “casual” role-playing experience (role-playing will only need to be done inside of WoW itself rather than asking players to get super involved in Discord or other communities that help keep track of lore and such outside of what already exists in WoW).

I don’t know what faction you aim at making your new guild in, but the Explorers Guild would be happy to participate in special events.