Hi, I am new here and I want to get more people on this server

Hello, I am just starting out on this server and come here fully aware that the community is dwindling. Some see this as an issue, I see it as an opportunity to build a fresh community.

I would love to see it a little more lively and so I have been thinking of making a super casual RP guild with a bit of a twist to it.

Imagine if you will if this server were filled with Mercantile Guilds;

A guild where all the members were Alchemists or Weapon and Armorsmiths.

This type of RP would be incredibly casual, could slowly build into multiple guilds and eventually, we would be holding Buy/Sell Markets.

We could have sister guilds on either faction.

So, what do you think? Would anyone be interested in this idea? Do you think it has legs as even just a fun thing for the currently existing community here to get in on?

I just love the fantasy of crafting and selling in RP games and would love to see the RP community focus on it a bit more.