Hi Blackrock

Anyone else remember the good ol days back in classic?

Blackrock was a healthy and amazing server but the majority of people have left, like myself.

I was just reminiscing about the battles for the world bosses and tarren mill.

*wipes tear from eye*
your text is in green, i'm feeling very threatened.
Don't be scared friend.
Faxmonkey and Zysis would like words with you.
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:o Faxmonkey. That's a name I haven't heard for like 6 years...
Faxmonkey is too busy exploiting the games mechanics to appropriately reply to this forum post
No one really plays on here anymore, I've been looking for madsniper since I got back..

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Madsniper still hangs out in ironforge and at the bottom of the great lift ganking lowbies.
I think Blackrock almost has three alliance guilds now!!
I remember things.
Blackrock was once a great place. Still could be.
blackrock ally is DEAD
Blackrock in general is dead/dying. Not even sure why the status is still 'full'. Nothing full about it, my server is only 'high' and there is on average more people on at any given time.

You want a dose of nostalgia? Here ya go... http://i.imgur.com/oFKea.jpg

trying to ninja corrupted ashbringer from the weekly malicious intent naxx raids.
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I remember things.

i also remember things..

hi bart & jaedek
I randomly chose this server to start playing on because I got a scroll of resurrection and wanted to play on a west coast server. It seems to me like a lot of servers are dying including the server all my toons are on - Laughing Skull. So, what are some good servers out there that are still bustling and growing and... FUN! I've had a hard time finding a good server. (Must be west coast)
Server been going downhill since after TBC, let alone MoP.
Hi Bart
I like your green.
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Madsniper still hangs out in ironforge and at the bottom of the great lift ganking lowbies.

wish I could find madsniper/luke...
hi there