[H]Horde for Hire

Ahoy weary traveler! The Forests of Azeroth can be a dangerous place. We are a friendly guild looking for new recruits to join our ranks. We are searching for members of all levels and classes. We are a cool place to come and chat, enjoy the game, and not feel any pressure. We are Polite and Inclusive, generally chatty, active daily and have a full bank with lots of mats and gear. Running dungeons of all levels, alt friendly, free bags. We are in the guild finder and generally respond quickly. Thank you.


@Kulon. I am looking for a Guild I will look you folks up in a bit and join. If you will have me of course.


We would love to have you in our guild. You can either find our guild page in the guild recruitment or find me personally. I have a few different characters but log onto Kulon at least once a day so I can accept any requests.


Lok’tar Ogar!


I cannot say for the rest of my guild, but I am still here. The way the world has turned has us all a little on edge. So many people their servers are jumping, but I see Ravenholdt as dead as ever. Stay safe out there folks.

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@Kulon, RavenHoldt is pretty quiet even now a days. I am still leveling up and playing. Stay safe out there.


I was just wondering if your guild is still around and if i am able to join.