[H][Hellscream] <Semi Serious> |10/10H|1/10M|Wed/Thurs|[LF All]

<Semi Serious> is a 6/10M CN, 10/10H SoD, 1/10M SoD guild re-formed at the beginning of 9.1. We are looking for all available classes to fill 2-3 spots. Although we are relatively new, this guild is home to a band of misfits comprised of some of the game’s best players – including multi-Glads, ex-members of top 100 guilds, top server M+ players, and elite performers alike. Although most of our players come from hardcore progression-oriented teams, we have a friendly raid environment and nowadays we are Semi Serious. We prefer having fun within this community instead of creating a toxic environment.


All Tank, DPS, and Healing Roles (Prefer DH Tank/DPS, Enh Shaman, or H Pally)


  1. You will be provided with all consumables, feasts, pots, cauldrons and everything you need for every pull.
  2. (Optional) Dedicated key nights for weekly vault and rating.
  3. Helpful community to gear mains and alts.

Raid Time:

05:30-08:30 PST, Wed/Thurs

Please reach out to us at:

Discord: Thejoker#2250 (Guild Leader) or Cornbread#4622 (Raid Lead)

Bnet: castromadeit#1505 (Guild Leader) or Cornbread#11871 (Raid Lead)