[H]<Fine Line> Tues-Thurs 6-9CST Core Group

Mythic raiding. Casual Heroics. M+ |
Returning players for Shadowlands with Cutting Edge / AoTC in prior XPACS.

Castle Nathria

Raid Times:
Tues, Weds, Thurs 6:00-9:00pm CST

Currently, Thursday may be considered an optional day to clear more content.

We are currently recruiting specific classes, however any exceptional players will be considered regardless of class as we are still tuning our roster going forward.
Providing logs for current content are a plus, but not strictly required. All new members will receive Trial rank and be voted on at the end of their trial period for a Core Raid slot.

Any inquiries into recruitment can be directed to the following guild Officers listed below via In Game, BattleTag, and(or) Discord.

IGN: Nooks, BattleTag: Dasha#1352, Discord: Rejuvinate#9114
IGN: Kianesh, Discord: Tanner#0224
IGN: Blune, Discord: Blunechi#3080

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5/10H now, looking for 5 more dps to finalize our roster.

I would love to join if you are willing to work with me. I’m a returning player currently sitting at ilvl 190 but only 6/10 CN currently cause all I’ve been able to do is pug. Back in WoD I was a mythic/heroic raider as well as a Rival (2k+) in pvp 3s. A quick learner and looking forward to a challange and a good group of people!