[H]FERAL DRUID looking for a Cutting Edge Guild


I am a former top player earth from The Burning Crusade Expansion looking to raid Cutting Edge content for the coming Shadowlands Expansion.

During TBC I was not on the best server, however, I was on my server a powerhouse on my own. I was both the best Guardian and Moonkin on my server(As well as Feral Druid on Vashj destroying those ads at record pace).

We killed every boss in the expansion except the last three which wasn’t a sign of a top guild in the world.

What I did however was lead one of two Amani War Bear Runs in Zul’aman on the server and as leader both Bear Tank and Moonkin, farmed a total of 14 out of about 27 of them total on the entire server history.

This gives me great marginal knowledge of the game and how to beat boss fights with one or two quick fixes(and I am very very good at this still).

So if you are looking for a diamond in the ruff player(who is looking to go Feral and cut edge very seriously), don’t hesitate to add my Battle tag:


(Please I respectfully ask, only serious inquiries)

Goodluck out there!

We are totally serial about your kitty.