[H]<Family Aggro> Looking for more community members

Hey! My name is Katie (BNet: Moonlaura#1830) and I am one of the officers of Family Aggro. Our guild name is accurate to the core! We completely understand the importance of a personal life. So you can’t make a raid because your little one just asked for a movie night - sweet, have fun! Or you want to skip a raid night or two and spend time with your special someone – we hope it’s amazing! Heck, you want to stand over your kitchen sink and eat pork rinds and don’t want to raid that night – you do you! Our community does not exist without the people, and the people within our community have several life priorities, and you know what – that’s okay, we welcome it.

With each tier, our goal is to clear normal and progress as far into heroic as we can – all while ensuring our fun, casual, sarcastic, and sometimes salty atmosphere is maintained. We currently raid on Saturday nights, at 10 pm central, for 2-3 hours. We are currently 10/10 N and 6/10 H . During the week members are running mythics, pvping, or playing other games such as Outriders or Path of Exile.

If you are interested so far we want you to know we are not serious - about anything. We are immature, inappropriate and spend most of our time ridiculing each other on discord but at the end of the day, we have fun together which is what is important.

If you have read this far, thank you! I still have more.

Right now is not the best of times in World of Warcraft. We all desperately want the patch. But until then we play and enjoy other things too!

Do you have an addiction to alts? Can’t decide exactly what role you want to play? You’ll fit in well.

Do you like to play WoW but also enjoy some POE? Sweet we have a group of POE players.

Do you like DND? We have an active DND group. (Keep in mind our message about inappropriateness applies here.)

When attendance was down, we picked up Among Us and had a salty good time.

Do you ever browse Reddit and see something in r/WTF and think – oh man I need to share this with someone but don’t know who? We have a community channel for that!

Is our community speaking to you yet? Reach out to me here or through BNet!

TL;DR: A crass group of WoW players is looking for more crass players to join their community.

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Looking to a possible transfer here. Wanted to know if there are any active casually social guilds around that are looking for some altoholic members that do a small bit of light fun raiding. There are 2 of us looking for a new server home.

Any information would be great!

Thanks for reading this