Hey Oceanic

When we die which server are we going to? Arugal? Remulos?

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following so I know where to create my era character since there is no OCE

Remulos had a good HC presence on alliance up until the announcement of official HC. A lot of people fell off as they died and with D4 release and with the news of the official HC release.

just check arugal nothing on auction lol not a single item classic is so dead in Oceanic

Remember HC players using the add on don’t/cant auction. Unless you aren’t worried about HC of course.

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I’ll be continuing with the addon on Remulos. No official OCE is such a let down.


As per this post Arugal is the only OCE option once dead

Killed my lvl 1 on Skull Rock to confirm it.

Ahh apologies I misunderstood the OP’s question.

I hope this HC can bring Arugal back but right now not a single item in Arugal auction roflmao

Arugal is also pvp, so not even a pve era option.

arugal is pve right now you won’t find a single soul lol

I guess it’s our only hardcore option, bugger 200 ping in 2023 for $20 a month.


On Skullrock I’m getting between 150-160ms latency (from Melb)

That’s 1 second delayed no thx

Thats 0.15 of a second… or 1/10th of an unhasted GCD.

Its managable


Spoken like someone who never played on dial up back in 2004. Classic is so slow, so NOT fast reaction based, that if your dying from lag its your own fault really

and i live in perth which has operated on higher ms then eastern states for like forever

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Memories of playing Runescape on dial-up, and becoming so proficient at managing all of my clicks for the world 4 seconds into the future.

I got back into the game because of HC was really enjoying it. Was so keen and telling all me old wow mates until… 250ms on a US server, I did play on Bloodsail with the HC addon ( big cheers to those guys) but lining up to do a quest only to miss out because of the Latency. Dual to the death is clearly out. I really enjoy the close calls and going as best as i can on my character but with 250ms ping well… Well it’s like there’s a party going on but us Aussies arn’t invited…