Hey neighbors! New couple on WrA

Hey folks, nice to meet ya. My wife and I recently started here on WrA and thought we’d say hello. We will probably eventually be looking for a group to hang out and do casual content with. We are both cool with rp and engage in it when it feels natural.

She actually recently just started playing (healed her first dungeon like a champ yesterday); I’m a long-time casual dabbler, since vanilla.

We’re looking forward to meeting some of you and making friends here on this lovely server.

Oh, and if you have any recommendations on guilds, we’d love that. She is playing a gnome hunter and a dwarf priest, while I am probably sticking mostly to my druid (who I actually rp as a half-wildhammer dwarf druid, accent and all, kinda nutty). I might alt my dwarf shaman or pally though later.

Anyways, thanks for making WrA the kind of server that we wanted to be a part of, cheers guys :beers:


welcome to wra!


Welcome to the server! Drinks and snacks are to the left.

Mind the mass invite guilds, you’ll know them when you see them. We don’t want them here, either, but they won’t leave.



Would you like to join the…

Checks smudged notes

…Terrarium Umpire?


Back story or GTFO!..

Oh wait were not doing that anymore? ~looks around~

Oh guess not…

Welcome to the server. Do hope you have fun.

RP is where you find it and make it, a lot of great guilds and things going on all the time, a few people even do cross faction events. Always something going on, happy to have you.

Victory for Sylva…


Welcome to Wyrmrest! Be sure to check the forum here every now and then. Someobody is always posting an event to go to! Lots of fun stuff to do on the server if you need a break from the usual grind.


Thanks! I’ve noticed that the forum here is a lot more interesting than a normal server. It has a cool vibe, even though I am on the outnumbered faction (just assuming that, didn’t check–I heard at one point that WrA is mostly horde).

Welcome! My guild, Legion of the Dawn, are always accepting new people…and at the very least, we love engaging with the community so if you see us around be sure to stop and say hello!

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Thanks Tiom!

Welcome!I Always recommend RPers start with attending open events. IMHO it’s the best way to get a feel for guilds as individuals and as a collective. Not to mention making some friends both IC & OOC apart from that. In that spirit I’d like to invite you both to visit Quilen & Cloud Teahouse in Sri-La. We’re open from 4 PM (server) on until whenever people leave. It’s amiable, cross-faction, and a low-pressure ambience. We’re friendly to those players new to RP - welcome to ask about anything in whispers, for example, whether it’s about mechanics, character stories, addons, or whatever.



This sounds fantastic, thank you, we will pop in!

I don’t know much from Alliance at the moment, but you should check out the Alliance guilds list in the forum sticky!



I’m a Pandaholic, so i can’t tell you names of specific groups, but I do know there’s a pretty active Dwarf RP community on WrA. and with Winter Veil coming up, you’re gonna see a lot of people in IF !


Welcome to WrA! I honestly haven’t RP’d much the last several years, but I agree with other comments. Want to test the waters? Definitely hit up some of the open events.

I may need to take my own advice and get back at it… :joy:

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This is a perfect example of the kind of public RP event I mentioned earlier in the thread.


Since you have TRP look for people with “Volunteer Roleplayer” toggled on their profiles. Sometimes we forget to toggle it on (especially those of us with multiple characters), but it’s a start for identifying people eager to help newcomers.

i’ll be there as the main food guy. Which means i’ll be easy to spot, and usually available for whispered side chats since I won’t be knee-deep in individual story-arcs. :slight_smile:

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