HEY IDIOT messages from Ian

Just unlocked my second slot on my necklace. Two problems, no second essence to fill that slot and worse, is the constant screen flashing and screen filling HEY IDIOT message from Ian. Yes Mr Ian, I did see your HEY IDIOT message and clicked it off. But you know I’m an idiot and must have missed it so fill my screen with your HEY IDIOT message all over again.

Sure wish there was a way to turn off your HEY IDIOT messages. I do NOT appreciate being treated like an idiot and it is YOUR designs that have failed to recapture lost market share. 1) designing content that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for two or more people to play together. In a MMO? if CUSTOMERS are on opposite sides of a story break point, there is nothing they can do together until they are all on the same side of the break point. easy fix: use see leaders story or garrison or have NPC that brings you “back in time” like at UC darkshore et al.

I so do not want to continue trying to play content when every time i click ANYTHING Ians’ HEY IDIOT messages flashes and fills my screen. THANKYOU FOR NOTHING.

I unlocked mine too and it was really annoying. I ended up doing 4 Heroic Island Expeditions to get an essence to put there. I suggest that as your easiest and best option. Cheers.

And remember not to go to the Heart Chamber to unlock your third slot unless you already have 3 different essences. I am assuming that same error message will follow you around again.