Hey guys/gals, post your 200 plus FPS rigs if you would

Hey, I’m going to get a new machine for Shadowlands. One of my guildies got a machine that is getting 300 FPS on level 10 even while streaming. That kind of put me over the edge. He is using a ryzen processor; I had noticed in my small laptop my ryzen does as good or better than my 3 year old desktop machine that has pretty good hardware. Thanks in advance. Brag on your box!

Damnnnn. That’s gotta be some dope rig. Personally I run an AMD FX-8350 8-core/12GBs RAM/1060 6GB, and I can run stream at level 7 at about 60-100ish depending on how crazy the particle effects are in raid.

Wish I had money to get a monster rig, but mine does what I need, so I’m content.

300 FPS doing what though? There are many situations in WoW where FPS will drop no matter what kind of hardware you have. It’s really hard to believe someone is achieving 300 FPS and streaming with settings on max.


He was in Ny’alotha doing that. I wasn’t watching the stream but have no reason to doubt him; it was a brand new box from cyberpowerpc. I’ll try to find the exact specs.

I have every reason to doubt him. Anyone that knows a little about PCs will do the same.


So you decided to change it to 200 fps rigs? LoL

What are you talking about?

The title of the post was changed from 300 FPS to 200 FPS

Oh, I guess so. Come to find out though there are a lot of systems rated for 300 FPS with WoW now. Some even 400.

I wound up getting a ryzen 7 alienware. I seem to build, get an aw, build, get an aw since around 1998. First radeon in a long long time; we’ll see how it goes.

200 fps, 300 fps — doesn’t really matter unless your monitor has the refresh rate to match

No, he doesn’t.

Not unless he’s turning a bunch of the CPU intensive options WAY down.