Hey Blizzard

You’re failing to see a lot of things, to be honest.

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With the volume of your posts decrying it, your gold accumulation must have been ground zero for the problem they were looking to address with this change.

PS: this was clearly not specifically about botting, and this was a needed change.


Except you know, no benefits were brought from the change

MCP lives matter

Except you know, you do not actually have the statistical evidence as to what benefits were brought from the change.

I wish people would stop claiming this change does “nothing” to bots when thats straight up false

It seems In their eyes if it doesn’t outright eliminate botting entirely it does “nothing”

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Just glad you were about to go from 56-57 in less than a month, keep up the good work.

Wow dude, that really cuts deep. I’ll let you know when the pace I am leveling (I already have a partly BIS fury war) gets to me and I begin to whine about it at the frequency you have been whining about this needed change.

if you spent half the time in game that you do trolling to forums you’d have 8 60’s.

I have no interest in a full stable of L60s. I play what I play and am not really all that stressed about it. But hey thanks for the advice.

is this where I am supposed to tell you how you should play the game, how many 60’s you should or shouldn’t have, how much you should be farming etc?

oh wait, that’s you.

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No, that’s Blizzard.

but you speak for Blizz, remember?
you act like you do in every troll post you make coming out against the absurd 30-lock rule.

I agree with Blizzard’s change as I am honest enough to see the harm unregulated instance runs were doing.

You however, as a L60 Mage, clearly choose to act oblivious to the underlying theme of the cap. It is absurdly obvious that this change did a number on your gross frequency of runs and gushing geyser of gold.

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Nonsense. You clearly don’t speak English. Or you are playing language games.

People never want to pay taxes – but the law requires it, so they do. There are millions of thing that people don’t “want” to do, but do.

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