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Not 100%, no, but I believe they wished to shape player behavior using this change because they didn’t like that people were doing so many instances. It did not fit what they believed was in the “spirit” of vanilla.

Having played WoW for 15 years, I know full well what Blizzard is like. They HATE when people play their game a lot. They punish people who play more than others, because they want the people who play less to feel safe and fuzzy. That’s exactly why the vast majority of people you see supporting this change are super casuals espousing their hatred of the hardcore. “lol nolifers doing 30 instances a day? QQ”

They almost all complain that people who do 30+ instances a day are ruining the game. So yes, I believe the change was done with targeting legitimate players in mind.

While I applaud your efforts it’s like you said, he isn’t here to argue in good faith, he came to insult and feel superior for having insulted others.

The only way to do this would be to never ban anyone…

If you want Bots and exploiters banned, there is always a chance that a legitimate person gets caught up in your investigation with a false positive.

If Blizzard used a method that was even half as rigorous as most forums posters do to identify bots… there would be literal thousands of false positives of legit players getting banned.

This might be true. I think they thought this + the banwave would slow bots. They felt that if they removed their means to mass spam dungeons and got rid of them at the same time that they would be slower to get back to 60 and be less able to do damage when they did hit 60

Which is why im just waiting for a few weeks before getting mad. I want to see how fast these bots come back and to what extent they exist. So far nothing but its too soon to tell if it did something positive or if it just hurt the legitimate players.

I agree with this. The team in charge now has shown time and time again that they want time gated content that gives scraps and keeps people coming back.

So while im not yet at the point of anger, i dont dismiss this as a possibility given what theyve done in retail

A big part of why I was excited and actually returned was that the super casuals already have their version of WoW (retail) and classic was a chance to start again and do thing differently. I quit the game because I can’t watch Blizz turn it into a cesspool a second time.

8:42 AM on Thursday.


You tell me. The change does nothing to combat botting. Hell, even if bots can’t do instances, they can bot in the open world. How does this change affect bots in the open world? How does this change affect bots in BGs? It doesn’t.

At best, you could argue it indirectly increases detection by pushing them to places where players would see them, except…

Botters can simply swap to another realm. Many botters that bot for the purposes of collecting gold to sell will not be impacted by this change whatsoever, as they have multiple accounts already. They simply rotate where each account is botting.

Bot 1 on Realm A.
Bot 2 on Realm B.
Bot 3 on Realm C.
Bot 4 on Realm D.

Hit the cap?

Bot 1 on Realm D.
Bot 2 on Realm A.
Bot 3 on Realm B.
Bot 4 on Realm C.

100% botting time, same as before.

I use to see 10+ teams of bots tolling into strat at all times. Now its 1-2 tops. So it did not catch them all obviously, but as of now there are less. How long that remains is unknown. It could be that in another 1-2 weeks its back to 10 teams and the change was meaningless if they dont remain vigilant on the banwaves

As for the open world? Actually makes it a lot better for PvP realms. I can actually fight them instead of them sitting safely in a dungeon hoarding mats to cripple our economy

Im not really for or against this change yet. Im for whatever hits the bots the hardest and am willing to feel things out for myself before i start flooding and ruining the forums with my anger

You guys really think OP doesn’t know or understand these are two completely separate things? He’s just trying to have a gotcha moment which failed miserably.


You’re failing to see a lot of things, to be honest.

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With the volume of your posts decrying it, your gold accumulation must have been ground zero for the problem they were looking to address with this change.

PS: this was clearly not specifically about botting, and this was a needed change.


Except you know, no benefits were brought from the change

MCP lives matter

Except you know, you do not actually have the statistical evidence as to what benefits were brought from the change.

I wish people would stop claiming this change does “nothing” to bots when thats straight up false

It seems In their eyes if it doesn’t outright eliminate botting entirely it does “nothing”

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Just glad you were about to go from 56-57 in less than a month, keep up the good work.

Wow dude, that really cuts deep. I’ll let you know when the pace I am leveling (I already have a partly BIS fury war) gets to me and I begin to whine about it at the frequency you have been whining about this needed change.

if you spent half the time in game that you do trolling to forums you’d have 8 60’s.

I have no interest in a full stable of L60s. I play what I play and am not really all that stressed about it. But hey thanks for the advice.

is this where I am supposed to tell you how you should play the game, how many 60’s you should or shouldn’t have, how much you should be farming etc?

oh wait, that’s you.

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No, that’s Blizzard.