Hey blizz.....can you make the horde choices public by the week between sylvannas/saurfang?

(Raithioss) #1

sooo you guys claimed to let horde pick the direction that they would choose, and while i want to believe you,like greatly believe you…kinda having a hard time believing you on this “the most picked choice will determine the story”…and while i would rather saurfang stop being a cry baby n return to calm the others but…considering 8.1.5 where we now ******************** against baine seeeeeeeems like you guys are going to still make sylvannas (warcheif number 4) die and well…if player choice is trully important and you want to avoid the eventual complaints…show the numbers,please?

(Akston) #2

Is there a source for “the most picked choice will determine the story”? I haven’t heard that. I don’t think I have, at least.

(Raithioss) #3
  • Choices will be used when it makes sense to create a more invested story.
  • The payoff for your choices will be meaningful.

the story livestream going forward, bullet points from mmchamp

(Suishi) #4

Wait you serious?

(Akston) #5

Yeah…I dont read that as “your choices will determine the story”.

(Raithioss) #6

kinda why i want actual responces and answers.

(Akston) #7

I think its safe to say we’ve already seen the answers directly implemented in the game.

We will get storyline quest options, that don’t actually change the end outcome. One of them will be tagged “canon”.

(Raithioss) #8

nah, more then likely they’ll have them either:

end in the spot,sylv going off the deep end.

not let the real choices matter.

something else.

(Andros) #9

Ehehehe. I think that “meaningful” is meant to have an asterisk. Like the word “fun”.

(Raithioss) #10

trying to be optimistic[quote=“Andros-thaurissan, post:9, topic:73191, full:true”]

Ehehehe. I think that “meaningful” is meant to have an asterisk. Like the word “fun”.

(Shadina) #11

The choices involving story and player agency are going to be largely focused on the player themself were I a betting man. Private scenes that discuss what you did, why you did it, and what it means to you as a player. Largely, we have no impact on the actual story outside of something mass-protesting about, such as the lack of player agency in the first place regarding Saurfang and Sylvanas.

(Pänic) #12

I was thinking the same thing and was about to write the same thing lol.

Yeah, I feel it will be character specific and there will be flavor quests down the line that will be tailored to the choice(s) that you’ve made.

(Akston) #13

We’ve never had “player agency” regarding the story. So yeah…I don’t expect that to change regarding Saurfang/Sylvanas.

(Raithioss) #14

so pretty much sylv is still going to get the axe…joy


Long live the Queen

(Shadina) #16

I didn’t say that. I said that we don’t have much of an impact on it. We know that expansions are designed years and years in advance with little wiggle room involving the grand story. We’ve been told that. In fact, the same story / lore livestream you reference said that very early on. That expansions are written years in advance.

That said, I dunno if Sylvanas will die, or if she’ll be Kerrigan’d. Which is also quite the possibility given multiple statements from Blizz.

(Drougen) #17

I chose to turn in Saurfang immediately, end of story.

(Morvoth) #18

Pretty sure they said in the future they would, this current choice won’t affect the story outcome they already have planned. They are essentially giving the fanboi’s a choice to be stupid by siding with Sylvanas. But they aren’t changing the outcome.

(Morvoth) #19

Kerrigan and Illidan had similar stories, would be disappointing but not surprising if Sylvanas took the same direction. There is little no to originality left at blizzard.

(Dedaru) #20

You might be on to something OP, WQs based on who you picked…I mean granted you’d have to make one for Alliance side, but that actually might be fun.