Herosim is looking for core raiders for 3rd team

Heroism | 3 Raid Teams | Semi-Hardcore

Heroism is building a 3rd team from a core of competent players, we are looking to fill with the following:

3rd Team | Sat/Sun 7-10pm | 2 SR/MS/OS

  • 2 Hunters (Surv preferred)
  • Feral Druid
  • Enhancement Shaman
  • Holy Paladin
  • Shadow Priest
  • 2 Mages

About Us:
strives to maintain a friendly and open environment and are looking for players interested in working together to achieve our goals as a team and guild. We aim to complete all raids quickly and efficiently, as well as all raid meta achievements, and all hard modes in Ulduar.

Mandatory Expectations:
Parse 60+ average. 90%+ attendance. We expect people to research their class and stay up to date on any developments, show up on time with consumes, and progress with us week after week.

Please join our discord and message Aroric, Aroplague, Aritus for more info. discord.gg/3JNuMMcNBz