Heroic tank looking for long term relationship


Hi everyone,

TLDR version: Alliance Ex Heroic tank coming back from a break looking for a place to call home. Still getting neck levels and essences. Can raid Tues / Thursday or Sunday or mix of those days only*

I currently have all tanks at 120 and am looking to join a group of people that I can tank for (and off dps / heal). Sadly, I cannot raid on Fri or Sat nights. I have been playing Wow since Vanilla and I am looking for a place that values me as a person more than the classes I play.

What do I bring to the table?

Well, I have heroic tanking experience and mythic experience (in another xpac). I like to help others and want to fit in with the people I play with. I am active in chats and I love talking in discord during the day. Since I play tanks I like to run Mythic+'s and tank tons of dungeons. I am a working professional so my playtimes are later in the evening.

Where am I at gear-wise?

Most tanks right now sit around 400-410. Not bad for being back for a couple of weeks. I am starting to work on neck levels and essences.

Who do I like to play?

Blood DK at heart, then monk and pally. If I can’t tank I can dps if needed.

Questions? Reply here or catch me on battle.net (Snuggles#11849) or discord (Snuggles#3678)


Morning all.

(Aureil) #3

Just want to take a long shot here and see if you’d be interested in rolling horde, and dps.
Of course tanking mythic+ is always a bonus!
Spam below:

<Annunaki> (H-US-Turalyon) is an AotC focused raid guild looking to add to the AotC raid roster for 8.3.
Spots open are: (high needs)Spriest, Warrior, Rogue, DK
BfA Progression:All BfA AotCs
Raid times are Tues/Thurs 7:45PM EST - 10PM EST.

Voice Chat: Discord
https://discord.gg/7qEZB25 (feel free to join us)
Requirements:good attendance, good attitude
Our main goal is to create a mature and relaxed yet competitive atmosphere seeking AotC kills where everyone can have fun playing the game.

If you would like more information please check out: https://guildsofwow.com/annunaki
Contact methods:
Discord(preferred) at:Aureil#6653
Btag: eternalinfer#1281


I could if I’m wanted forever <3

(Aureil) #5

Well, I trynot to have turn over, and do have low turn over at that so as long as you fit in and can be competitive with the rest of the raid you’d be locked in.


Thanks for the message


Evening crowd!


Morning everyone!


Offer is still there to try out! Just gotta message me and we can see whats going on.


Order of Kayoss (US-Thunderhorn/Blade’s Edge) is an alt-friendly, heroic progression raiding guild in search of fresh blood in our roster. We have a few new openings on our team that we are looking to fill prior to the start of next tier. Ideal candidates include:

  • (1) Retribution Paladin
  • (1) Shadow Priest
  • (1) Tank; preferably Protection Paladin, Brewmaster Monk, or Blood Death Knight
  • (1) Ranged DPS; ideally a Beastmaster or Marksman Hunter, Fire Mage or Balance Druid

Who is Order of Kayoss?

We are a progression raid team. We flex raid heroic and chase AotC on every tier. We are currently ranked 8 on the connected realm (US-Thunderhorn and US-Blade’s Edge) according to raider.io . We achieved AotC on this tier on 10/14 and are currently alt farming for next tier. We support our raid teams with regularly scheduled mythic+ teams pushing +10 (and above) keys weekly. The team works together to provide consumables such as flasks and food for all raid nights.

In addition to raiding, we have a thriving social community via guild chat and discord. We are an alt-friendly guild with a focus on real life. Most of our ranks are adults with jobs, families, and obligations outside of WoW and our goal is to honor the person behind the screen more than the toon. We have members in multiple time zones so the guild is fairly active most of the day.

How we Raid:

  • We raid on Thursday and Sunday from 7:30p – 9:45p Server Time (Central). We ask that raiders try to be on 10 minutes early when possible for group forming and summons. Trash clears start on the half hour with cauldron and feast down at the first boss of the evening. First boss pull is at 7:45p sharp. We have one 5-minute break at approx. 8:30p. Anyone unable to make it by 7:45p is eligible to be brought in at the break.
  • We use discord for voice communications. All raiders must be able to talk in comms as well as hear. How much you socialize is up to you but voice comms for mechanics is a requirement (ex. Mekka’s bots).
  • Attendance is not mandatory, but regularity is strongly preferred. The night goes better (and we have more fun) when everyone shows up. That said, we realize that life has occasional obligations that will interfere. Prior notice of such is appreciated where possible, and infrequent unavailability will be tolerated (any resultant flack should be interpreted as a joke). If it becomes a barrier, an officer will work with you to resolve the issues or move you to a less critical role. In extreme cases, we may ask you to sit out for a tier and work with you on your return.
  • Personal consumables (i.e. dps, healing, mana potions, runes, etc.) are expected to be provided by the individual. Flasks and food are maintained by the team.
  • Proficiency is the goal, though a lot of quarter is given. “Proficiency” doesn’t mean “the best of the best with honors”. In most cases, if you can stay above tank’s single target damage and eventually learn how to keep yourself upright once we have learned a boss, your performance will be deemed “proficient”. If your performance does not meet this criterion, we have members willing and able to work with you on them including research, log reviews, and extra practice sessions as availability provides.
  • Preparation time shouldn’t be nil. The expectation is that before we get to a new boss everyone watches a video (fully expecting that it will make little sense but at least give you a view of how things flow) and check out the in-game guide. There are usually a few mechanics that are the real zingers and over time we learn them and figure out how to adjust as a group.
  • We make best efforts to avoid sitting people out of a boss, but in very rare circumstances this may still occur. Like the proficiency goal, we have several experienced members willing to help you learn; individual efforts add up to the larger team success, and we expect and will aid in those individual efforts.
  • Loot is friendly. We are largely succeeding based on how well we set up the boss strats. That said, ilvl is not ignored. Raiders are expected to do what they can to maintain their characters individually. If you can’t do it alone, we hope that you’d ask the guild for help.
  • Because we are an alt-friendly guild, we ask that everyone play the character they like. That said, you should choose what that is and stick with it. Remember some progression is about gearing the raid and if you are frequently swapping characters, you are pulling gear out of the collective group and bringing characters that must be carried more than your last one.
  • Exceptions can and are made based on people just flat out hating their class, but we keep this to a minimum
  • If you wish to raid on a character other than your main, approval should be obtained from the raid leader. There may be times it’s appropriate but check first.

How to Apply:

In-game message Wakawee-Blade’sEdge, Wrong-Thunderhorn or Schady-Thunderhorn via in-game mail or /w. I am online every day. If your message is via in-game mail, include a time in which you would like to meet! You can also message me on reddit (I spend more time here than I probably should). We will have a short conversation and schedule to run a mythic or two together. If I think you would be a good fit, I will introduce you to our guild leader. From there, we want to introduce you to the team, have you come along with us on a raid or two, and see how everyone meshes together. Guild invites to follow introductions and a probationary status granted.


Hi Uncodly,
The EDFC is a family if you’re looking for a team to join. While our main raid is Fri/Sat we’re looking to clear heroic during the week for more gearing. We’re could certainly use an extra player for the family!

We’re a chill group… here’s a sample raid from last tier… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keHM4F6r0oY

I provide food flasks and discord entertainment so you can come raid with the EDFC… We try to make sure everyone does their +10 every week…

If you’re interested, contact Connor93#1805 or Darvos#1994… if not I hope you find what you’re looking for =)