Heroic Magisters Terrace has no Daily Lockout

You’re comparing something vastly more of a problem that affects economy.


blizzard can’t suspend of ban thousands.

Yes, they will suspend all the cheaters.

i truly doubt that blizzard will ban anyone, they never did ban abusers on massive scale in any game they own, i’ve seen worse abuses in D3, old retail expansions and nothing ever happened.

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And very very recently, the Ogri’la exploiters too.

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No one is getting banned. They wont even reverse anything.


They will.

I, for one, am absolutely shocked that Blizzard would roll out a patch that wasn’t 100% ready.


I know right? It’s unheard of

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they only say that to satisfy people, they have been saying that from years without doing any bans.

are you new to blizzard games or what?

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No they wont. Just like the people that took advantage of the extra honor from the battlegrounds at the early part of pre patch. Thw will keep what they got. And they should. That is a retarded thing to be banning people for. In fact its a stuoid rule to begin with. Bad game design when you limit your content behind a timer.

The more events of them not sanctioning blatant exploits, the more players will feel like the ToS isn’t really a set of rules that must be followed and they can cheat however they want and they will get away.

Everyone knows Heroic dungeons have a 1 day lockout and whomever entered more than once inside Heroic Magister’s Terrace was aware it was a bug and taking advantage of it, they were in violation of ToS.

It is already happening with gold buying being completely normal on every single server and 1% ever get caught, and you can see it is not even a perma ban when they get caught buying gold, they barely get a suspension.

apparently you’re not even aware of bots running in game even till this day and they run freely, same goes for gold selling buying it’s happening every hour, and from the past there was tons of abuses on massive scale where not a single person got banned for anything, except 1 out of 1000times, that’s why i’m telling you! No one is getting ban for abuses on massive scale such as what happened today.

even if blizzard posted claiming that they banned people, that would be just to gain trust When actually no one got any ban. this is not the first time, this is what happened every time in the past.

At this point, its unlikely a rollback is happening … it would have happened already. And in terms of the banwave … its prob unlikely at this point too.

It’s like 2 minor upgrades. Zzzzz

Ogri’la and others took some time.

Rollback is very likely to happen too.

In Kara Tier the rollback from people visiting isle of q happened within 3h

For Rollbacks … Earlier today I would say the odds where 1 to 3 against, now I would say its more likly 1 to 25 against and by this time tomorrow 1 to 100 against.

For Bans … Instance exploiting sometimes takes up to 24h for them to go through all the logs … I would put it at 1 to 5 against and by this time tomorrow 1 to 10 against.

Anyone want to put up some gold? I would happly take your money w/ thoes odds

my whole guild in 2019classic release abused the repeated encounters & geared through MC in 2nd week, and even though blizzard claimed that they’ll investigate and ban people, non of us was banned, and obviously there was tons others who did it, there wasn’t any gear rollback as well to any of us, blizzard is just big talk.

and i can name you many abuses happening every year since 2006 that been abused in wow and No one ever got banned for any of them, blizzard never banned things that was abused on large scale, they just can’t and they won’t, but they can claim that they banned people for it to just earn trust, if you happen to know anyone who did Mgt today more than once? you won’t see any one banned :wink: