Hero Talent: Ranged Metamorphosis form

Hero Talents are the perfect opportunity to give Demon Hunters the option to turn their regular Metamorphosis form into a ranged one in the style of the original Warcraft III metamorphosis. Blizzard should absolutely do this.


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Well, I guess I could see Blizzard making some of the melee attacks have a 20 yard range (Ret has something like this I think?), but I think making Meta a pseudo caster is likely too much for the hero tree. That seems more like what a third talent tree might do, but even then you start stepping into the Warlock design space and Blizzard probably wants to avoid that.

At this point, I’m hoping if we ever do get a third spec it’ll be mid ranged like dev evoker, i would be happy with that! But heck they can’t even do our hero points until I’m sure life 2 c weeks before release so we can spend the entire war within being overtuned for 2weeks then nerfed into the ground and whine on the forums for months until we get our next rework!


And that is the problem. DH doesn’t really justify being another class when you can only create 2 specs from it. Would have been better to give locks a 4th tanking spec that used glaives and be done with it.

It doesn’t need to be that complicated, I think all they need to do is have Metamorphosis form replace a couple of abilities with ranged/empowered versions while you’re in that form, the same way regular Metamorphosis already does with Chaos Strike & Blade Dance.
For example:
Chaos Strike turns into a ranged attack that serves as base ranged attack similar to the the Warcrart III Metamorphosis form (call it Chaos Blast or something like that), and Eye Beam can be replaced with a more powerful version maybe with increased range and AOE, the same way Blade Dance gets replaced with Death Sweep.
Once the 30 seconds of Metamorphosis end, your abilities revert to their normal versions. Nice and simple.


Would be cool to have a 3rd talent focusing on casting and using a scythe (like the one from our order hall) and their meta could have some satyr inspired theme, imagine Betrayer Malfurion from HOTS

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thats a horrible take

Meh. It just doesn’t feel right only having 2. And kinda boring.

sure i can see dh getting a 3rd spec in the future frankly i dont think it needs one but i dont see the harm for it to get one.

the take thats horrible is just saying both specs are boring aind incomplete enoguh and should be merged with warlock. when both specs for the first time in its history are actually fleshed out enough to be considered complete specs

Admittedly i haven’t played much recently so that’s easily where my horrible take came from. For me it’s a bit of a catch 22 that fulfilling the ranged demon part of the DH’s lore somehow conflicts with warlocks being in the game. Imo it’s a horrible take that a class’s historical fantasy can’t be fulfilled because it overlaps too much with another class. Imo if that’s truly the case then the class should have been rolled into the other.