Here is the LFG Addon in action! Much worse than you thought

I think one of the big reasons we are getting it is because blizz wants to protect the IP.

Not to say that the efforts of the people to bring classic were also not a big part, the devs have said multiple times they are blown away by how much people support this endevor.

Sure you could, but that’s more work than just uninviting them from a group that auto filled for you. Don’t get me wrong there were people like this even in Vanilla who were jerks who trolled people in this very fashion. This addon just makes it easier and removes the social aspect of talking to people before you invite them. Even if that conversation is only “invite me, hunter.”

It’ll be interesting to see the tone regarding this addon once ilvl filtering is added to it

Why don’t you just kill the project in itself?

So many people are against what you’re trying to accomplish.

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It won’t be added tho.

@Kaivax, This topic is raging through multiple threads, probably around 10 of them. It is becoming more heated and entrenched. It is dividing the community. Could I implore you to ask the devs for some input on this via a blue post? I do not see this topic dying down anytime soon, but instead escalating. Many want this add on broken BEFORE launch as once its in affect it affect the social networks of the game. I implore you, beg you for a response.


There is no auto fill option for dungeons though, and if it did you would have to say the magic word; you could still whisper “hey its my first time in this dungeon, can you still bring me?” and open the channels of making a friendship. And how personal dose it get if the hunter you invited only said “invite me” and dose not talk for the rest of the dungeon?

Talking after the invite is where the magic happens.

You have no ability to think forward in how this addon will essentially create a manual LFG like Retail. As in looking for WQs, with the populating of lists of players which may as well be NPCs they you right-click to invite.

Considering you wrote the addon I am going to assume you are simply being disingenuous to save face.

There is a VERY different and organic way of finding groups in vanilla, particularly for dungeons, in which you sit in Ironforge and utilise the chat panel. It is almost never automated, and despite your protestations to the contrary, there is in fact often a lot of banter between the two players.

This will hurt the human element and - as with retail - convert the social aspect to more of a spreadsheet matchmaking lobby more akin to an Overwatch like game.

Has it occurred to anyone else - as I said probably not the addon creator who likely knows - that the act of writing out the text is a meaningful interaction. Blah blah people sometimes make macros, but that is rather limited and who makes a macro to do a scholo run off the cuff?

No, it has no place in Classic. Make a better addon, you have the talent, one that actually fits within the spirit of the game.


I am not speaking for anyone but alot of this is a knee jerk reaction. People see “lfg” and assume its going to be like the lfg in retail.

The posted video is also misleading, shoot it took me a few watches to notice that the addon works just like its advertised.

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Can you tell the difference?

What isn’t advertised in the description is
-auto invite
-talent tree parsing
-raid attunement parsing

And those are listed in the issues page

And the downloads have increased since these “new features” have been talked about on this forum.

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Going to get removed, as its purpose will be replaced with a different feature.

Thats not something the addon can do.

Edit: You edited your post, there is indeed a mention of raid attunement parsing in the issues, but thats only a collection of ideas. All this stuff can be discussed in the discord of the addon, that’s what I created it for.

In the dungeon group portion of the addon no, no auto invite. In the custom group part there is. That can be used similarly to how the dungeon finder and custom group finder are used in retail. In custom, you post a group you’re forming and a ton of people may populate. Then you pick from that list who you want without ever talking to them. And retail feels horrible because other players don’t matter in the long run (your guildies being the exception). And as such people are treated horribly in retail. The main difference with this addon in the custom group mode is you would auto invite a bunch of people first and then kick the ones you don’t want (which would feel just as bad as arbitrarily getting declined in retail). And all this happens without a single word of communication. I’m not saying all interactions will happen this way, but you can bet some will. That’s something I’d rather keep out of Classic.

I have to agree. The human element is important and people need to remember that. Having to do it manually encourages people to interact more. Doing so in stress tests - even for random quests - meant I had much more social interaction with people than I do in Retail (where I have none at all) and it made the experience so much more fun.

Even with reduced functionality, this addon will change the social structure of Classic in a detrimental way. It really needs to be broken by Blizz.

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I think he does, but I also think he just does not care about classic or the community, just as his standings as an author. He does not care if he breaks the game doing it.


Suu…it’s listed in your issues page (attunement parsing)

And what will prevent players from downloading and running previous versions with the parsing active ?

Auto inviting and talent tree parsing are being removed from the dungeon portion.

I agree with attunement parsing, it sucks inviting someone and getting everyone there only to find out someone isnt attuned.

Edit: looks like attunement parsing isnt in the addon either.

Looks like WoW classic is BFA (Battle for Addons) after all. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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Ok so it’s removed.

What prevents players from downloading previous versions where it is active ?

What’s your smaller fear?