Help with picking a ranged side class for raiding?

I have hand tremors that cause me to hit buttons I don’t always mean to and sometimes interrupt casting (though I’ve done a good job of unbinding most of the buttons I tend to hit) but it means less button availability. So I’m looking for something with good mobility and low button bloat.

I normally default to BM Hunter as my DPS spec because I cannot interrupt myself and the rotation is engaging without too many spells. But hunters are a dime a dozen and I find it hard to get into raids with one and would like to try a different class.

I also love healing and currently have a Resto druid so any recommendations there in the same light would be wonderful.

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Destruction Warlock and Balance druid are 2 specs that have a comparatively low amount of buttons to hit. Nothing compares to BM hunter in terms of mobility though.


I think augmentation would be a good fit for you. Aug is going to be an extremely desirable progression spec. The rotation is simple, great utility/defensives and you will never hurt for invites.

Devastation evoker is also a good choice. The spec is powerful with a simple rotation and good utility.

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Aug has interested me but I was worried about how it performed in the grand scheme of things, but will definitely look into it and devestation, thank you!