Help with Level Scale in Battleground PLEASE

Ok so i am using a Level 39 Toon and Accessing AV PvP.
I am actually really happy i can enter the Battleground…but
I get my level scaled to 70 but thats it.
My Heals are basically useless
I get one shot
All i can really do is CC stuff, which is fun but situational as well

Any chance at getting a Healing Scale increase from 39 - 70 so i can actually contribute / help my team?
I dont need a healing scale to a fully geared player, just a healing scale to a basic level 70 character with simple greens.
I don’t care about getting one shot, it actually helps with my ‘avoidance’ skills but i am getting mad at having my heals do nothing.

And NO i don’t want to level to 70 and have 20 extra spells / talents / procs / gear level to worry about.



I hope this function as level scaling on BGs will be reworked
Really frustrating sometimes