Help with help/harm modifier key macro

I want to make a macro that casts the following in the following priority:

friendly mouseover: (mod:command)healing surge, (no modifier)healing wave
hostile target: lightning bolt
friendly target, or with no target, self: (mod:command)healing surge, (no modifier)healing wave

how can I do this? I’ve got the first mouseover component working but the rest breaks however i try to do it. This is what I have:

/cast [mod:cmd,@mouseover,help,exists]healing surge;[@mouseover,exists]healing wave

/cast [mod,@mouseover,help,nodead]Healing Surge;[nomod,@mouseover,help,nodead]Healing Wave;[harm,nodead]Lightning Bolt;[mod,help,nodead][mod]Healing Surge;[]Healing Wave

I’m not addressing the advisability of doing this, only the ability.

Your requirements are a bit . . . unclear (not a complaint, just an explanation for why I might have missed something).

If I don’t have this right, let me know what’s off and I’ll fix it.

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I haven’t checked these for typos, but they should do what you want:

If you have auto self cast turned on:

/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead,mod:cmd]Healing Surge; [@mouseover,help,nodead]Healing Wave; [harm,nodead]Lightning Bolt; [help,mod:cmd][@player,mod:cmd]Healing Surge; Healing Wave

If you do not have auto self cast on (or don’t want to worry about if it’s on or off):

/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead,mod:cmd]Healing Surge; [@mouseover,help,nodead]Healing Wave; [harm,nodead]Lightning Bolt; [help,mod:cmd][@player,mod:cmd]Healing Surge; [help][@player]Healing Wave
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nomod unnecessary

[] unnecessary

simplifies to [mod:cmd] in the auto self cast version

I’d personally remove the nodead condition from the harm condition sets in all of em, you’ve made a conscious effort to target a corpse. And I like my spaces so I can ctrl+arrow key my way through em on the edit screen.

/cast [mod:cmd,@mouseover,help,nodead] Healing Surge; [@mouseover,help,nodead] Healing Wave; [harm] Lightning Bolt; [mod:cmd] Healing Surge; Healing Wave
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