Help with Chromie Time

My wife have played off/on since Vanilla. The last time we actively played was Battle for Azeroth. Our stable of characters are all mostly 45. Reading online I’ve seen that the most efficient leveling experience seems to unanimously be WoD.

Here is my question:

Can you do an expansion again which you’ve already leveled through via Chromie’s time-walking campaigns?

I’m experiencing a weird bug where when I talk to chromie after selecting Draenor the quest directs me to take the portal in the mage tower in stormwind. When I do that it teleports me to Ashran. Once I arrive the quest completes and there are no followups.
Returning to chromie, then the current timeline, then reselecting Draenor I am granted the quest again… if I fly myself the the portal in blasted lands the same thing happens going through it, I’m ported to Ashran the quest completes no quests. This has now happened to me on two different characters attempting to timewalk to the WoD campaign to level from 45-60.

Additional Information that may be a factor…
I’m pretty sure I leveled through WoD at some point in the past at least on one or both of these characters. When we returned we were offered character refreshes which we accepted and when we did this we also cleared our quest logs via the prompt given. I’m not sure if that is relevant but making that known.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue and how to work around it or is there some point of human error on my part causing the issue?

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It should be directing you to speak to a portal Mage in the tower. If so, when you talk to the mage, they should port you to Blasted Lands to speak to Khadgar to begin the scenario.

No, it doesn’t let you redo quests you’ve already done. If you’ve done the quests already, they will still be flagged as done. Chromie Time only affects scaling. She actually has different breadcrumb quests for expansions with “proper” intro quests depending on if you’ve done stuff in the expansion or not, which is why she’s sending you to Ashran and not to the start of the intro quests.

Chromie Time scaling does mean that you can use end game repeatable content like daily quests to level up, although that’s generally not the most efficient route. If you’re looking for efficiency, any of the lower level revamped classic zones are a good option. They aren’t designed with the expectation of flying and the very linear questlines move you through quickly.