Help with a new pc

My cousin is finally coming to the pc world but I’m having trouble finding her stuff to use. Her monitor is AMD and has freesync so I’ve been trying to find a computer with AMD components but a lot of things will have an AMD processor with an Nvidia graphics card and I’m not sure if that works (I’ve been Nvidia everything for 12 years).

We’re trying to find one on Amazon because of their great return policy and she wants to spend around $1000, any suggestions?

My favorite place is Digital Storm. Every $1000 you spend, they take off $100. It’s also brand name, new parts not like Cyberpower that tends to use either generic or refurbished parts. Just for laughs, look up their Aventum builds on youtube.

I’m pretty sure you do but you need an AMD graphics card for Freesync and not just the processor correct?

Only gpu. You can check to see if it also works with nvidia as some free sync monitor does support nvidia. And even if it doesn’t, it’s not like the monitor won’t work

Thanks, I just want her to be able to take advantage of the monitor that she already bought.

Are you just trying to find a good prebuilt with an AMD graphics card?

I’ve bought a PC from them (and other 3rd party sites) in the past and currently on my 3rd Self-Built PC (2018).
It is so much fun building your own and much cheaper.
Youtube makes it so simple to DIY and you can even pick your own parts, check compatibility ect at

3rd party sites overcharge you for the parts THEY choose.

I would highly recommend you build your own PC. It will be more fun, more reliable and much more cheaper.


  1. If you are purely Gaming without Video Editing/Streaming/Multitasking…get an Intel.
  2. If you are doing everything else INCLUDING Gaming…get an AMD.

I used to be an Intel Only Fan until AMD caught up and surpassed them in pretty much all aspects. My 3 builds are all AMD. I’ve never built an Intel nor plan on going back to Intel.

To each their own. :slight_smile:

I built the first actual gaming computer that I owned about 8 years ago but I’m pretty sure she just wants a prebuilt.

Intel still wins at core-core latency and single core performance.

4th gen will probably change this.

Intel also typically is a bit more stable and has less RAM issues.

Could she do intel with an amd graphics card and use freesync?

This is what I’m presently doing on two systems.