HELP with a mass transfer please

but does nothing to answer my question so therefore in my case it is not valid as an answer

Funny. It has the information about how much gold each level character can transfer with. If you didn’t want this information, why did you ask about it?

Character Level Maximum Gold
10-39 10,000g
40-49 250,000g
50-60 1,000,000g

I am here to get a blue post thanks

Asked and answered:

Transferring a guild requires two things:

A guild transfer, which costs more than a standard character transfer and includes a character transfer for the GM of said guild AND another character in said guild to designate as your replacement in the “old” guild on the old server.

That’s fine, but we are giving you the same answers as a blue would. You’re welcome.


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Why would a blue post something different than what’s in the support articles? Often times when the correct information has been posted, there’s no need for a Blue to post.

So let’s try and clarify things a little here. There’s no such thing as “mass transfer”. There is the option to purchase multiple transfers, but those all exist individually and happen individually.

Ruffle has not only provided the link to the support article, but they then also provided the information from within it which is accurate.

Guilds themselves can be transferred with the GM of the guild with whatever is in the guild bank, including any gold in the bank with no limit.

What aspect of the transfer are you still wondering about? We’re happy to clear up any confusion too.


In the article I linked, just after where it says how much gold you can transfer, it talks about transferring guild masters and guilds. So the article I linked gives all the information you are looking for.


I dont see anywhere on the Mass transfer window where it specifies that guilds are more, and that you will need to pay almost as much for that guild to be moved as you would for the whole 6 toon transfer?

Because a guild transfer and a character transfer are different.

A guild transfer includes a character transfer for the GM character only. Not the entire guild roster.


did I ask for other players to be transferred? no its a single guild that only has one toon , ME.

The 6 toon transfer you purchased does not include a guild transfer. The guild transfers must be purchased from the in-game shop.

The introduction of the character transfer bundle does not change how they work, only makes it more convenient to buy a number of individual transfers at once.

Note: You do have to be on the character select screen to purchase it as well.


It states in the article Ruffle posted.

* You cannot transfer a character that is a Guild Master. You can either give the leadership to another member of the guild, or buy a [Guild Master Transfer]( service.

The cost of guild services is dependant on where you live. For example, the cost would be greater here in Canada where I’m at than it would be for those located in the US.

As mentioned, the guild transfer includes moving the GM of the guild. All other players/characters you wish to move have to pay for a separate transfer.

It’s a premium service and if you don’t wish to use it, you’re not forced to. You can transfer to the new server and establish a new guild if you want to.


No, but you are trying to transfer a guild in the character transfer window and they are NOT the same thing:


Then in that case, the individual character transfers you purchased would not work. You would need to purchase a guild realm transfer.


As I mentioned this is not a traditional GUILD it has one and only one member ME, I use it to store items to sell on the AH…

So obviously I don’t plan to throw all that away to do as you suggested?

You don’t have to do that at all! However, that does not change the fact that as the GM of a guild, you cannot use a regular character transfer. You must use the Guild Realm Transfer service.


Good God let me make this clear…

I AM NOT asking for someone else to follow me, pay for their Xfer etc…

I am asking about

  1. TRANSFERING 6 of my toons (5 are not in a guild of any sort)
  2. Transfer of a guild master / guild
  3. without taking out a small loan at the bank to do so