Help! Stuck on final step trying to get Baa'l

Working with the excellent guide, have painfully grinded through all the preliminary steps. Confirmed I’ve gotten all 12 pebbles, went to the volcano in Frostfire Ridge where demonic goat Baa’l is supposed to be, and no goat. Exploring, logging, summoning and dismissing Uuna, even rebooting PC, and Baa’l just does not appear on floor of the volcano. Hoping for some suggestions from folks that have done this.

I’m assuming this can be done solo; I have Uuna and she’s completed The World Tour.

Did you do all the pebbles then did everything to upgrade Uuna? That’s the only issue I can find where people have not had Baa’l show up. Something with a bug fix has reset people’s progress on the pebbles. If you run the pebble macro and they all come up true, Uuna is completely upgraded (Quest line & the World Tour), and you’re on the character that found all the pebbles, it sounds like a phasing issue (though I can’t think of a phasing issue for that off the top of my head).

Thanks for quick reply, I’m really frustrated with this.

Running the macro on the pebbles shows “Y” for all 12 of them, and they were all done by the same druid. Uuna has completed all the steps, through World Tour. So don’t know what I’m missing.

I’m sorry, and I imagine this is very frustrating, considering it’s quite an effort to do the chains.

I would say make a bug report, but I’ll caution that you’ll get a lot of knee-jerk responses of; “Can’t help with secrets.” If you take that route, you’ll just have to be insistent.

However, maybe someone else here can offer some insight. Best of luck, and I hope this is resolved for soon!

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Had really hoped I was just doing something dumb here and someone would politely point that out. But yeah, seems like I’m totally Baa’l-qualified now but goat just will not show up.

Looking at the macros, apparently each step of the pebble collecting flags your quest log as having completed that step though we didn’t see it as a “quest”. From these I know the reference number of that final step, the one that isn’t working. Hoping that mentioning this in a ticket will make it easy to look into it and I won’t get the sorry-can’t-help response.

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Yep, I was doing something dumb. Even though the 12th pebble step showed as complete, somehow I’d missed grabbing it. Went back to its underwater cave and the pebble was still there.

Now that I had truly completed the pebble collecting, Baa’l was right where he was supposed to be, Uuna debuffed him, and easy battle. I have my demon goat now !!


Grats! ^^

Sorry the script was being funky, but I’m glad you figured it out!

Grats. Some of those off-shore sites were hideously risky.

my progress reset completely and i had to redo the whole 13 pebble thing which sucks. i wonder if any1 else has this issue

If you’re not burned out yet on these endless quest chains, after you finally get Baa’l you are now eligible to go onto getting a belt transmog. I lost track of how many steps involved, I know were at least 20 which, as usual, involved travelling all over all the WoW zones. And a battle or two, of course.

The final reward, and one of the greatest examples I’ve seen of Blizzard’s sense of humor, is a belt with a clock buckle. It’s called the Waist of Time.