Help starting with M+


I’ve never done a Mythic dungeon with my rogue, I’m really confused with covenants and legendaries, some mentioned kyrian most mentioned venthyr but now I see in raider Io rogues are going Necro. Also I noticed that the legendary is related to the convenant-buod you choose .

Cloud you give some advice ? I’m not planning to do high level keys, just want to have a good performance and have fun doing M+

Thank you

Outlaw uses necro.
Sub uses Venthry.
Dont play Sin in M+ unless you want to cry.

For the most part tho just look up sone guides. Learn the dungeon mobs. Practice totation on dummies and you should be all good.

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Necro has the highest potential on AoE for Outlaw, but it’s also a bit harder to play and not what I’d recommend for someone starting out.

Venthyr Outlaw is also perfectly viable, you just swap to the Blunderbuss legendary. Much easier playstyle and still pumps.

If you’re going to be playing with pug groups, I personally think Outlaw is a bit better. Sub is great if you know your tank is going to be doing a lot of huge pulls, but pug tanks are unpredictable which can be frustrating.

Outside the damage/rotation stuff, practice using your utility as well. Focus on interrupting casts (remember your Gouge as Outlaw ) and stunning dangerous mobs. Be aware of your surroundings; you can use Distract to stop a patrol at an optimal point in their path (or prevent them from getting close enough to aggro on your party member who isn’t paying attention).

Hard to give more specific advice without knowing what spec you’re playing.


I prefer Kyrian as Outlaw, being able to spam finishers during Blade Fury FTW.

Thank you all

Xaethron, what is Sin?
Gigorexx I played outlaw and sub, as you said I-m going to play mainly with pugs, so I want the “most accepted” spec. I know it sounds stupid, but it doesn’t feel good when you’re rejected all the time from the groups.


Right now Outlaw is the meta rogue spec but it will probably end up swinging back when people get new Sylv daggers though people aren’t going to care what you’re playing as long as it’s not Sin. Sub is also way easier in comparison to Outlaw in keys since both ST and AOE are literally just two button afk spam.

Law can play Necro / Venthyr / Kyrian Greenskin Wickers, Venthyr Blunderbuss, and Kyrian Shadowdust. All of them serve completely different purposes. Necro is highest aoe, Venthyr Blunderbuss is highest ST but you can run Greenskins which is 3% behind BB on ST but does way more aoe, Kyrian GSW is playable but doesn’t serve much of a purpose outside of Lower Karazhan, and Kyrian Shadowdust is for utility purposes as it allows you to 2x kidney / kick and gives you way higher uptime on Cloak / Evasion; it’s also arguably the hardest version of the spec to exist to play at its full potential.
Night Fae GSW is also playable but really only on Spiteful weeks.

Sub plays Finality lego and can run either Kyrian or Venthyr.

Just check the FAQ channels in the rogue discord if you want more in depth information.

Or just learn how to play it instead of spreading the false info that sin is bad in keys.

Sin is fine in keys.


Outlaw can use Kyrian, Venthyr, or Necro. Each have different play styles.

Who are you? False info? Go back to your main bruh you clearly dont play rogue.

Outlaw AOE is as easy as it gets, hit Blade Flurry and go right back to your normal rotation.
it’s literally one extra button push every 15 seconds.

I don’t play Sub but I don’t know how it could get much easier.

Oh and OP, it won’t swing away from Outlaw, we use daggers in our offhand.

People who enjoy sin do push to high keys with sin. Most people dont because sin requires completely different gear sets for raid and m+, its super annoying to commit to compared to Outlaw and Sub.
Its also more effort on aoe so only true sin enjoyers play it in m+. But it is viable and perfectly fine.

You are talking to a true sin enjoyer. Its one of the worst M+ specs in the game. Sure you can take it to dungeons like Workshop and Upper Khara but that doesnt change that its aoe (both rotation and actual dps) is abyssmal. I wouldnt even take it to Junkyard despite it working well with the zap bots cause of high haste. Last time junkyard was an M+ dunfeon i played sin. The spec does not at all compare to what it was back then (and even back then it wasnt one of the best. A tier, not S tier)

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Lol wtf are you talking about. Rogue is clearly my main.

Just because you don’t know how to play a spec doesn’t make it bad.

You are saying this literally right after i listed the problems with sin. Read the thread.

I would have to agree with Xthron.