HELP - Server Merged Bugged Mythic Lockouts

Hello -

My guild is on US-Blackrock and we are progressing Mythic N’Zoth. Due to the server mergers we are unable to access the raid and log in to Nzoth. Can you please provide insight on how to fix this given this is our raid night and we are 250+pulls into this boss. On the raid tab it shows that I am still 11/12M and gives me the option to extend the lockout but that does not work either. When we zone it we go straight to Wrathion and it asks us to save to a 0/12 instance.
PLEASE HELP ME! :slight_smile: I will buy the Collectors Edition if you fix tonight.


Sadly, I think this is working as intended. It happened to all of us on Perenolde/Cairne when they connected us to Cenarius. They did not offer a fix, nor even acknowledge it had happened.

I hope you get a response. Luckily, we only casually raid, so our 7/12 Normal wasn’t hard to regain in one night. :frowning:

Sylaria thanks for your response man. How did this work for you? Did you raid tuesday and then again on thursday?

We did attempts on nzoth on tuesday but it seems like we can just start fresh today?

My guild’s lockout was also affected by the recent merger. It appears that it has completely locked out most of us, but some are still able to get in. The lockout is scrambled

Same here, Not sure why they would merge a cluster of 5 into a smaller cluster of 2, But now anyone who raided mythic on Tuesday is lockout out for the rest of the week

Bump. Server merge is essentially blizzard just server transferring one of the clusters over to the other cluster and it destroys your lockout. You have created this problem( for our entire 5 server cluster that moved over to a 2 server cluster in the middle of the week. sigh


Bumppity bump bump

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I’m here to bump this thread. Please advise.

Please fix this Bliz. You just screwed up progression for a ton of guilds!

Help! My lockout is also broken. Can’t even zone in.

our guild had plans to trial several people today and sunday. that looks like its not happening. we were also locking out for progression. this is not great. a monday merge would have been prudent if this lockout issue was unavoidable in the coding.

Bumping for stonemaul. My lockout is broken.


Yeah I think what happened is that we all got “force server xferred” and when you server transfer after raiding mythic that week, you cannot raid mythic again until the next reset.

I think its a bug we can even get inside and see Wrathion.

But like most of you guys said, the raid is scrambled and no two raiders can get in the same instance.

GG blizz way to f*** over your core players because you cant keep enough people interested in the game to have populated servers.

Bumping please.

Bumping for broken lockouts on Boulderfist.

bumping for boulderfist, my server was also sadly part of the 5 cluster that was recently merged and affected and our guild raid lockout got scrambled.

Unfortunately Blizzard doesn’t give two f$#% about its player base as proven above when they didn’t have the time or balls to even acknowledge when it happened on other servers. Its a lot easier to swallow all the BS in this game once you accept their board members pockets are far more important than your payed gaming experience. /smile

I guess you could just go drink a bottle of wine on the toilet.

Bump. Also locked out of my cross-server raid - only person from the group effected, so gg. I’m so confused why they would do this in the middle of the week. Been working to get to Xanesh for weeks and we’re FINALLYYYYYYYYY there for my only possible BiS upgrades :woozy_face:

Bump for boulderfist.