Help Please

Why cant i play BfA on my Wow2 account? I have all the expansions bought and can play them all however, im unable to travel to bolarios and im level 101

I’d contact customer service and ask them which account the expansions are associated with.

I would really like to know how to get customer service. I have tried the telephone, only automated. I have a problem with a warlock. I have tried the bug report to no avail I have tried customer support, to no avail . She was with Maldraxi but I could not get her out of jail so I switched to Kyrian. I am stuck on chapter 2 called Lakeshires Last Stand. I have pulled 8 different bug tickets. Apparently they are not getting them. This has been going on for 3 weeks. I cannot take her any further. She is level 60 her renown is now 59. I lost all her renown when I switched… The bug report was 7 times and the customer service was also 7 times. Ready to delete my little warlock Teyi on Bronzebeard. I am frustrated with WOW’s lack of customer service

you didn’t miss spell it by some how did you