Help please with dragonflying

When you jump off to fly do you press autorun or walk? Or only use the icons for dragonflying? I don’t get it. Help please. Thanks

I presume you are asking for your level 60?

The key thing with Dragonriding is that it is awful, almost useless, until you get all your Glyphs. The Glyphs add MASSIVE upgrades, including the avility to regenerate Vigor while in the air, which allows you to keep flying. Until you get your glyphs, especially Thrill of the Skies, you are limited to short hops.

You get your Glyphs by flying through designated rings around the Dragon Isles.

Here is a guide to getting your Glyphs

And here is a YouTube showing them

Once you have your Glyphs, this will work if you follow the instructions:

  1. Point your camera/view STRAIGHT UP
  2. Hit your Skyward Ascent button two or three times, depending how high, and therefore how far, you want to go. You should allow a count of 3 “1 … 2 … 3” between the presses. Skyward Ascent is probably button 2.
  3. About two seconds after your last press of Skyward Ascent, level off and put your nose SLIGHTLY down. Then glide.

When you have your glyphs, you will see you are recharging Vigor as you go, and when you are back at full Vigor, just repeat the process to keep going.

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Thanks for the reply but my original question. Do I auto run or walk or just use the dragonflying buttons when I jump off a cliff? have a few glyphs but its been hard doing it.

Just Skyward Ascent, from a standing start.

I barely use any other button except during the Races.

Ok thank you. I kept hitting autorun and I think it was messing me up. I’ll try what you said.

neither… navigate with your mouse

Launching in dragonflying either involves

  • running or walking off a cliff of some kind OR
  • leaping up by triggering Skyward Ascent, but usually you’ll need another quick hit of that to truly take flight.

Just one Skyward Ascent from standing is just a hop, not starting flying unless you do it someplace where you don’t immediately land on the ground again, like a cliff edge.

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