Help please, tech guru needed!

My PC just blew up. But I have a raspberry Pi 4 new in box. Is it possible to get wow running on it?

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Nope. :ok_hand:

Not sure. However, if you have a slightly used toaster, you’re good.

Head over to the tech forum and hope Kagthul answers you.

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No but, you can download some sweet nes/snes games on it.

Just get a potato out of your cold cellar.

So. Why not just fix or upgrade your rig?

It doesnt exist. We filled it with Tannerite and shot at it.


:rofl: is your friend.

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Were you having a gender reveal party?


No, but that is a good idea.

If we were actually using the vanilla client, then maybe, but since its the “updated” classic client, no. But check out this, it was asked about in reddit at one point


No, but Doom should run awesome on it.

Grab yer portable SSD keyboard mouse and display. I don’t see how that thing could not.

Can you do windows on ARM yet? I know they were working on it. Running wow on a windows emulator might be an option but I remember the folks going the Linux route clamoring about issues at launch. I think it interferes with Anticheat systems??

Less than $200 will get you a refurb machine from whatever big box site you prefer that will most certainly run this game, it will likely come with the OS also.

While some work has been done to get Windows to run on a Raspberry PI, it is not stable and has massive limitations. Lets say that the OS is stable, next you need a graphics card that can support Wow. Not an easy task.

There is a very good article on Tech republic that talks about someone who is trying to get PCIE graphics card to work with the pi.

No but you can run WoW Classic on a like $400 setup if you build it yourself.

Short answer is no. And in the end you are better off just spending $400-$600 on a budget rig.

More details please. Do you actually need help or are we just focusing on WoW on a raspberry pi?

This. That PC is gone.