Help Picking Spec

Just leveled a Shaman with intentions of playing Enhancement, but I’m curious if i should switch to elemental.

I prefer easier classes, I’m over 30, and prefer to have fewer buttons to push, when I played LoL I preferred to play simpler champions to climb up to diamond

I also want to be able to do pretty good dps in raids, I don’t really participate in M+ Dungeons

My 2 mates who I will play 2’s and 3’s with are a Disc Priest and an Aff warlock

RBGS is my preferred content, the order of importance to me would be

RBGS > Raid DPS > 3s/2s > Mythic +

I know these threads probably get old, so thanks for the response

Based on this, i would probably recommend elemental.

However shaman is a very button intensive class. Theres alot of utility with totems and stuff so you are going to have alot of keybinds regardless.

For a normal “rotation” i think elemental is much fewer buttons, but when you add in all the totems and non-damaging abilities its probably a wash.

yup go elemental and primal elemental its good in pvp and pve and minimal buttons to press.

Based just on your “fewer buttons to press” requirement, I would suggest ele as well. All specs of shaman have an above-average number of buttons to press, but enh is truly nutty. I have 14 keys mapped to mod/nomod (so 28 abilities), plus another 6 that are single button presses (because they’re farther away), plus a mouse key that’s mapped to nomod/shift/ctrl for my lightning shield, windfury & flametongue for a total of 37 different abilities/spells/items.

Ha ha. I feel you with the whole, “I’m over 30 and that’s too dang many buttons…”

Enhancement will give ya the carpel tunnel


“Grandad, why can’t you open your fingers all the way?”

“I played Enhancement shaman when I was young…”