Help name my new leopard gecko


Picking up my new smiley boy in the next few days and he needs a name! Trying to get a few ideas of what to call him. Obviously WoW names are in the running; but currently we have a few choices like


He’s white/pinkish with black splotches.


ooh ik the cutest name for a lizard boi

(Valyntina) #3

Give him a dragon name like Kalecgos, Korialstrasz, Wrathion, Nozdormu or make your own dragon sounding name :smiley:

(Asana) #4

I once had a lizard named Leon. If you like that name.

Or just straight name it Dragonlord the Almighty. :smile:

(Ataxerxes) #5

Well, the obvious name is Doctor Emilio Lizardo.

(Tsavis) #6

I would have to go with Spot on this one

(Tovi) #7

I named mine Popper.

(Paladina) #8

White and pink with black splotches? Name him pig!

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(Praetorian) #9

Id call him Macaroni.

(Mortis) #10

I would call him Leopardon. That’s the name of the Japanese Spider-Man’s giant robot :smiley:

(Atheaoakclaw) #11

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Call him Trash or Garbo.


Shai Hulud

Points for getting the reference


Grizzik is a good one, he’s a Goblin from the novels that is in love with a Gnome, together they defy Gallywix and his goons refusing to further azerite weapon development for the horde, now they help the alliance using azerite in ways that dont kill :slight_smile: plus I think the name fits a lizard.


King Krush


Trash Loa has crossed my mind


I think Tharon’ja was a loa of some sort too. THARON’JA SEES ALL!! His super power is shedding flesh… something leopard geckos :lizard: do hehe

(Ushi) #18

I had named mine Gex. You know, from that really old and really weird game xP
Congrats on adopting your cutie in a few days.
Don’t be like me by listening to the petco person :l Leopard geckos DO NOT like living in sand. They don’t live in sand naturally. They’re mostly on big ol flat rocks and stuff. My poor guy was so unhappy for the longest time :c

(Shortheals) #19

name it John


Leopard geckos are so flippin cute, I’m jealous. I’m a big fan of names for animals that don’t fit. My friends little sister had a Perikeet named “Ken but Blueberry for short” when she was a kid. We still laugh about it twenty years later. I also agree with dragon names.