HELP me come back to the greatest game ever

My rogues name is Qnly on tichondrius. I am a full time student and a part time worker. I need for my fellow WOW lovers to help me get back into the game by helping me buy a laptop to play on. I literally do not have the money to buy a laptop to play on because i pay for rent and my student loans. I started playing in BC and last time I played was mid BFA. My current computer is way too old and is filled with my college stuff. There’s no way it can run WOW without freezing up every second. PLEASEEE help me come back to wow and play shadowlands . It is my favorite game in the whole world. If 700 fellow wow players can donate a dollar i can buy a gaming laptop to not only play the best game ever(WOW) but it’ll also be nice to have a fresh computer for my studies!!! to help go to gofundme and search ( FELLOW WOW, LOVERS HELP ME PLZ) and my thing will pop up. you’ll see me in a horde hoodie lol. thanks


I checked out your gofundme account and I am very happy to see that your account is still at ZERO dollars.


Yeah this guy is the absolute worst

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