Help, Legion Quest might be bugged

Hey guys new player here, I didn’t play legion, I was trying to unlock Mac’Aree I completed all of the quests Antoran Wastes, and Krokuun and have world quests unlocked there, I just couldnt unlock Mac’Aree questing.

Make sure you’ve done “Commander’s Downfall” and “Where They Least Expect It.” (Both are from Illidan.) They can be easy to miss as you’ll often pick them up quite a bit before they block progress. (They also require groups at 110, but can generally be soloed at 120.)

Also make sure you’ve done the Petrified Forest quests up through “Whoa, Nelly.” (You don’t have to do the follower stuff that comes after.)

Finally, make sure you don’t have any quests to talk to Magni in Krokuul Hovel. He’s got a series of quests that unlock as you go through to show you cut scenes previewing the raid.

Thank you so much for the response I’ll definitely take a look!