Help in PVP (Spriest)

Guys, how are you feeling about shadow in pvp? I’m having a lot of difficulty performing well, my damage is low compared to all other classes and I’m always the focus in matches. I’m not a pro player, but I feel that this season is much worse for shadow than the others in Dragonflight. Could anyone give me some advice? (reroll? lol)


Brosephina , shadow was the only spec not over 2k the other day. It’s really feast or famine with the spec so your going to have to choose to stick it out or find a better solution.

I have done the mage thing lately, mostly because one spec will always be viable and this season they’re all viable. Fire is the funnest imo. Good luck!!!


Sadly, it’s this.

I can do damage, just as much as the top melee, if I am not cced to death.

The issue is the melee cleave… If i am trained down, which you will be, forget it. feels like there is nothing you can do.

We got nothing to stop it. I don’t even feel tanky at all. No proper defense for this melee meta right now. Just nothing. This season is just a joke.

long que time just to get trained the whole match with a ton of CCs that never hit Diminishing returns.

what is working for me so far – void volley - driven to madness – dark ascension - Lots of insanity and if im trained, i get to spam volleys a lot, helps a bit. :<.

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I forget what the talents called, it’s in the upper left side of the class tree (take 10%less damage after casting flash heal-it looks like a golden shield), anyway, make sure you take that ability and use it when your shadow locked.

If your health is good, then spam dispel while you’re shadow locked to get their hots and shields off.

Another thing I’ve gotten a lot better at, is just stand still and cast! You’re not going to out run a warr or dh. They’re like dogs and when you start running, they smell blood and will never relent. If you stand there and trust in your healer and confidently cast, they often times get bored and try your partner

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I only go to 1600 in solo shuffle, so I can get the gear token; I’m just too old for that game mode now. That said I managed to do it, and yes it horrible, but if I did it, you can definitely do it!

It WILL be a melee fest ever single game, so what I do is if they go me, just focus on keeping your dots up and throwing your silence/stun/fear combo on healers if you can. When they are training me, I am constantly dispelling- especially against disc priest; getting that shield off while your target is dying and throwing a silence is HUGE. Try your best to fake the interrupts then voidform and do as much damage as you can.

It won’t be fun and your damage will almost always be the lowest. You will be micro stunned all day especially with DH/War/DKs, so just focus on dispelling and throwing your cc combo into the healer when your kill target is low/in a stun. Also drag melee behind the pillars. They WILL follow you, and you can sometimes stun them there and get their trinket, make them panic.

I’m sure this stuff you already know, but trust, if I managed to get the token, you def can. My awareness and reactions times are so slow now, so I just focus on the fundamental kill opportunities.

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I’ve suggested a similar idea many years ago that I will suggest again.

In essence, it dissuades melee from attacking you consistently else they can get nuked by you.

PvP spell


  • Dark Taint
    Melee attacks made against you afflict the target with Dark Taint, decreasing the damage they deal to you and increasing the damage you deal to them by 1% and 5% while Dark Ascension or Voidform is active for 5 seconds. Stacking up to 20%.
    • This is to make it a bit more risky for melee attackers to just Zerg you down. If they still do, you will automatically deal more damage to them and they will deal less damage to you. This will encourage less zerging you till you die and more hit you a bit and then swap to someone else and come back later. Or wait till the stacks fall off in 5 seconds.

Dark Taint?

you barely wiped your a*s and haven’t showered in 2 days. You emit an aoe knockback to all enemies that enter a 5yd cone in front of you

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lol well if that’s where your mind goes.

More power to you.

The initial inspiration for this originated from the Fel Hunter ability.

  • Tainted Blood
    Taints the Felhunter’s blood for 1 min. When the Felhunter is hit with a melee attack, the attacker will lose 23 melee attack power for 10 sec. Stacks up to 5 times on a single target.

I’m kidding man. I like the idea.

It has always been like that and I don’t think it will ever change, they can’t design the spec to be a proper hybrid anymore. If you still want to play a priest in pvp I’d say go all in on disc lol

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