Help getting orientation done

Hi I’m wondering if anyone can help me with the orientation quest. I’m stuck on Marukkai. I’ve done all the quests in the zone, went into the huge tent thing and talked with the renown vendor. It keeps telling me to go back to to her but she doesn’t have anything for me. Is there a renown level I need to be or is this a bug?

EDIT: I’m just coming back to the game so still trying to find my way through dragonflight.

Just off the top of my head, aren’t there two people you have to talk to rigfht beside one another in the big tent at Maruukai?

When you look at the quest, which persons has it ticked off as acompleted, and what person is still uncompleted?

Yeah there is. The one of the left has the sparkle thing still though, won’t let me do anything. The Marukkai guy also is doing the same thing. Not really sure what’s going on. Maybe its a bug. I seen on WoWHead that others were having the same problem but that was last year.

I think mine is bugged too. lol

my buddies is bugged too any luck for anyone here?

I just sent a levelling character there.

I clicked on the Master of Renown, on my left, and that objective was immediately completed.

I clicked on the Quartermaster, on my right, and that objective was immediately completed.

And at that point, the quest is complete and I can hand it in.

And for reference, that chracter is at Renown 2.

The issue isnt with turning it in. People cant even accept the orientation: maruukai quest to get to that point

The quest is taken from Sansok Khan in front of the tent beside the flight master, who was there for my character.

Perhaps she moves? One of the Wowhead comments says “Had to create a macro /tar Sansok Khan”


I see another comment

I found out that after completing the License to Hunt quest, Sansok Khan reappeared inside her tent

I note that my character had not taken “License to Hunt”. Maybe Sansok Khan moves or phases while you are on it?