[Help] Druids Forms Cat / Mount / Attack Macro

Hi, I’m having a little issues with this macro. when I’m unable to mount, like inside I want to go to cat form which it does great, and mounts in the world fine. However inside when I cannot mount, and have a target and want to use a spell it puts me into caster form.
When I’m in-combat it works fine.
Can anyone help?

If I have a target and am in range I want to use rip, and not take me out of cat form even though I’m not in-combat yet.

/cast [harm] Rip;[outdoors,nocombat] Travel Form; Cat Form
/dismount [mounted]
/cast [nocombat] Cat Form

Thanks guys.

Let’s go with…

/cast [outdoors,nocombat] Travel Form; [noform:2] Cat Form; Rip
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Okay, this macro mounts fine outside, and goes into cat form inside, however, when I’m mounted I want to switch to cat form, not caster form.
From travel form being outside it switches to caster form. I don’t want that.

I’d also like, if I have a target stay in cat form.

Can anything be added or changed?

[outdoors,nocombat,noharm,noform:4] Travel Form;

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That code changed everything thank you. I had to make an adjustment because if I press the button again it would go into caster form instead of cat form.
This is the updated macro that I now use and seems so far to work flawlessly.

/cast [outdoors,nocombat,noharm,noform:4] Travel Form; [noform:2] Cat Form; Rip
/cast !Cat Form
/dismount [mounted]
/cast [combat,harm] Tiger’s Fury

Would this work for Bear Form also?

/cast [outdoors,nocombat,noharm,noform:4] Travel Form; [noform:2] Bear Form; Ironfur

If that’s the case then 4 isn’t the correct # for travel form. Check your bars and replace the number.

/cast !Cat Form is doing nothing.

You are right it’s the stances. Both of these seem to work perfectly. I will play around with these just to see if there are any errors but so far looks good.
Thank you for all your help.

/cast [outdoors,nocombat,noharm,noform:3] Travel Form; [noform:2] Cat Form; Rip
/dismount [mounted]
/cast [combat,harm] Tiger’s Fury

/cast [outdoors,nocombat,noharm,noform:3] Travel Form; [noform:1] Bear Form; Ironfur
/dismount [mounted]

How would I convert this to a mounted version, a non stanced version of mounting? Do I just remove noform:3?

/cast [outdoors,nocombat,noharm,noform:3] Azure Water Strider; [noform:1] Bear Form; Ironfur
/dismount [mounted]

change noform:3 to nomounted

Though I personally prefer a dedicated mount/travel form key to the setup you’re building.


one issue I ran into was going into shrine of teh storm where u have to go into water it wouldn’t switch to travel form in water while inside.

is it possible to change this to also allow travel form when swimming?
/cast [outdoors,nocombat,noharm,noform:3] Travel Form; [noform:2] Cat Form; Rip
/dismount [mounted]

I really appreciate all the help.