Help Choosing Prebuilt PC

Important caveat: I’m not interested in building my own rig. Period. Let’s just move on from that.

I haven’t bought or built a PC in years, and I’m pretty much only looking to play WoW on it. I don’t care about ultra max settings, but achieving solid FPS in all heavy raiding scenarios somewhere on the high end of the graphics slider would be nice. I don’t plan on using it for anything else really - I do most of my gaming on the PS4. Because of this, price is important. At the moment I play on my 2017 MBP, and I can run it pretty decently in most scenarios, but only on level 5 graphics at 1080p.

I’d hope to run it on my 4K monitor in 4K, but would understand if the additional resolution would make that really hard to achieve at a reasonable price point. Also, beyond 60 FPS is not needed as my monitor is 60 Hz.

Unfortunately there are just too many options for me to sift through on CPU, motherboard, graphics card, etc. It’s impossible to tell what combination of things would get me the result. They’re just meaningless numbers that I can’t relate to actual in game performance.

What’s the best way to cut through the noise and figure out the lowest configuration on somewhere like IBuyPower that will get me the WoW performance I want, but nothing more since I don’t need it?

Any modern 4 core / 8 thread CPU from Intel or AMD along with something similar to the Nvidia 1660 super will do the job for you. Try the dell outlet as I believe they are having a sale on their PCs.

Honestly, if you can wait til March we should get a notable upgrade in GPUs at more reasonable prices.

If you can’t wait and are on a budget here’s an ok PC that’s ~$900:

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Lower end GPUs and other components are very expensive right now. The prebuilts like above are a good deal even for builders.

practically any pc over $600 will meet your stated needs as long as you don’t download other stuff onto it

if you have the money there are some awesome gaming pcs that seem to start at about $900. i dislike playing with less than 90 fps

Waiting till March is no problem. I’ll repost then! Thanks.

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With so many choices out there for “gaming” computers, I agree it is tough to sift through it all.

I purchased my computer back in April, due to my old one was 8 years old. I got a CyberPowerPC through Best Buy (AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with a Radeon Rx580) plus extra RAM for $1100 (paid extra for next day shipping). Gotta say that I’m happy with it thus far.

I’ve heard that matching the gpu to monitor tech is a must for extra controls (g-sync vs free-sync). Not that I’ve seen any difference in average performance.