Helms Elite LFM 9/12 M

Hello and Thank you for your Interest! We are a semi casual guild that raids 4 hours a week looking for like minded skilled and versatile players who are interested in pushing each tier as far as we can go with in our limits. We are a PVE guild so most people are only into M+ and Raiding but occasionally PvP might interest some.
What Realm? We are located on Dentarg-Whisperwind
What Faction? Alliance
What Days do we raid? Wednesday & Thursday
What time? 7:30 PM till 9:30 PM central standard time(server time)
What are the requirements? You should be on time to raids, be willing to sit on the bench sometimes so people can be rotated in for future kills. If you do not Help farm matts or consumables for the raid you are required to bring your own.(food, flasks, Gems, Enchants, Potions) You should be able to take constructive criticism with a positive attitude. Inform when you have to miss a raid and yes attendance is important. Have fun with your WoW Team!
What exactly are we looking for? Mostly DPS at the moment. All exceptional player will be considered. as we want a diverse and versatile raid group players that play multiple roles will always be loved and appreciated!
Contact info?
sailrmoonkin#11855 (recruiter)
Rettuclos#1494 (our Fearless GM)

Hope to hear from you soon!

Guild is “Helms Elite” forgot to add that =)